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Welcome to my blog. I’m an award winning director/producer who also lights, writes and teaches.   + live multicamera directing.

In a previous existence, I was a BBC TV director, then Course Leader BA Film Production at AUB, I’ve  produced, directed or shot over 50 shorts and the films have screened at festivals worldwide.   I did  a MA Screenwriting  at Bournemouth Uni. and was selected for EIFF Talent Lab 2013.

I’ve written a load of  shorts and a number of feature screenplays including Phoebe Langtry, a period drama about the woman, who in 1813, built the only surviving working windmill in Hampshire; Best Of Intentions, a World War II romantic action movie and Jack’s Back, a supernatural suspense horror about the return of Jack the Ripper during a theatre performance. (Currently optioned for 2015/6 production.)

Currently got three shorts out on the festival circuit, am shooting another 20 min short in Toronto in July and developing a couple of micro budget features, based on locations and facilities I have access to.

Here’s some links to my  Directing, Lighting & Camerawork , ProducingWriting, Corporate, Live Multicamera Directing, Music Videos

I’m on or give me a ring on 07973 753 777

LINK to some of my credits and films

My  drama showreel is here –   ( I really MUST update it.)

So here’s some more recent stuff.  I can’t show you any of my recent corporate work unfortunately. It’s confidential.

-Director/Producer/Camera/Editor & Music  for “Liaison”  Official Selection for 2015 Toronto ReelheART International FilmFestival

Director/Producer/Camera/Editor of “Love” (2013) (short) awarded “Best Film” at Southampton Film Week;  Guerilla Film Award & Winning Film team Production Award. 50Kisses Premiere;  Official selection for Edinburgh Short Film Festival  ; Official selection New York Bootleg Film Festival.  also screened at Rhode Island International Film Festival and London Independent Film Festival

“This is a devastatingly brilliant piece of storytelling, masterfully handled, and the feedback from the Bootleg team was unanimous – audiences need to see this film. ”


Writer/producer/director, DP  & editor.  Comedy short John Lennon’s Turd. (2013)  . Award for “Best Short Film”  Toronto ReelheART International Film Festival, Selected for Glastonbury Festival Short Film Festival 2015

“I really like it. It’s got a lovely, funny but downbeat tone and atmosphere. Good script, very well directed, with great performances. Excellent.”

Paul Bassett Davies    – Creative Director at London Comedy Writers Festival

-Writer :  Thriller feature script “Jack’s Back”   optioned for 2015 production by Our Lot Studios.

-Writer : WWII Romantic Action Feature Screenplay  “Best of Intentions “ Top 3 Finalist Toronto ReelheART  International Film Festival 2015.

Director of PhotographyDon’t’ (2013) (short) Official Selection of New York City International Film Festival

Producer and Director of Photography of:

–   Buon Giorno Sayonara (2010) (short). (exec. prod.) 33 International Film Festivals including “Best Comedy Award” Hyart Film Festival in Wyoming. Nominated for  three awards : Best International/Foreign Language Film, Best Direction (Karen Hope) , and Best Performance (Thomas Kadman) at Thurrock International Film Festival.  Awards for Best International Film, Best Director and Best In Show.
–   Bull amongst the Feathers (2008) (short) Rome International Film Festival
–   Legs 11. (2009) (short) Toronto & Florida International Film Festival
–   Shadows (2009) (short) Dubai International Film Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival

–  Zombie Radio (2010) Boston Sci-Fi Festival

–   In My Shoes (2010) (short) Fastnet Film Festival


Just heard that I’m one of the winners of the latest #Create50 Screenwriting : Courage and Kindness competition with my two page short “Late Request”

Script LINK

All the more exciting as it’s only my second very short script.    I’ve never been able to get my head round really short ones.    But a couple of years ago I had my first go at one for 50Kisses. I dashed it off in a few hours before the deadline.  ..and quite rightly it got nowhere.

So I ended up filming Rob Burke’s excellent script “Love”, which then was included in the 50 Kisses feature film …and then excluded ..and then won ..and then got into other festivals  ..and won.   So it was a good ride.  FILM LINK

So at the launch of Create50, I listened to Chris Jones and Lucy Hay’s advice  “Even though it’s only two minutes, work really hard on it. Don’t go for your first  idea”  They had had so many similar ideas for 50 Kisses.

I tried to set aside some time, but life was hectic. Then I had to drive down to Plymouth to do some filming of contemporary dance. It was going to be three hour drive. A six hour round trip.

So I didn’t switch on the radio, or listen to music, but worked through ideas. Each time I came up with a good idea, I mentally explored it, then put it aside and  tried to come up up with another. Even more different, bizarre or radical. But over and over coming back to my own life experiences.   Working in a hospital, in Russia, rock climbing, TV broadcasting etc.

“Late Request”  was the seventh.

It combines memories of being the first at the scene of a road accident, when I was only 13.  We lived in the country.   I was woken at 2am. Heard the noise from my bedroom and ran barefoot out onto the road. ..a man lying slumped in his sports car, with his face smashed in  ..and the radio blaring out loud.  I switched it off. Sudden silence.  Alone in the middle of the deserted road.

The second memory was going straight  through the middle of a roundabout, on my way back from Bournemouth to Salisbury after a concert.

…and finally my sister Nicky, who told me about the long hours and tiredness of being a paramedic. The interactions with strangers hurt in accidents, late at night on lonely roads.

I thought up the idea of the gift of chocolate.  When I sent her the script for checking,  she told me that once an injured patient had offered her chocolate.    So not so unlikely.


So now I’ve got to make it.




Now through to Finals of #Create50

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I got a nice surprise this week. A lovely inscribed glass award arrived from the Toronto  International Film and Screenplay Festival.  ..and another award for my “Best of Intentions” screenplay.

Phil with ReelHeART Film Award

Phil with ReelHeART Film Award















That’s also the screenplay award hanging off the screen in the background.  The Festival and the awards were just about a month ago, but it’s been such a full on month since with sooo much editing to complete, with tight deadlines, that I haven’t had time for it to really register or sink in.

I’ve spent most of the month in a darkened room slaving over a hot monitor …apart from a brief excursion on a tallship …as one does :-)  and I did have my birthday,  which seemed to last three days.  ..bit of a blur.  Still it was fun stuff to edit – The Script, Boyzone, Michael McIntyre.


Danny O'Donoghue and The Script

Danny O’Donoghue and The Script


And I did buy myself an awesome Color Calibrated 2560 x 1440 resolution Thunderbolt Monitor  for my birthday.  “the 27-inch ColorPrime is the next-generation Thunderbolt Display Apple never built.”

Anyway I digress..

Another surprise this week was that my short script “Late Request”  (written about my awesome sister Nicky)  has got through to the quarterfinals (update)   semifinals for the follow up to 50Kisses   Create50  50 Moments Of Courage and Kindness

It’s written about a carcrash  .. that’s not Nicky   …well not most most of the time. :-)    …and I have the car ready to crash and film    ..Thanks Ian.  So whether I get through to the finals or not I still mean to film it.


Now I have to get back to editing the 20 minute film we shot in Toronto.


Melissa at Toronto restaurant

Melissa at Toronto restaurant



Here’s what the Mentorship award was for.


ReelHeART Mentorship Award Phil Peel “Liaison”, “Emily’s Dance”, “Best of Intentions”

    • This year, The ReelHeART Mentorship Award goes to a Filmmaker, Screenwriter whom we first met last year. This filmmaker embodies what ReelHeART is all about: Interaction, Inspiration, Creativity, Mentoring and Collaborating with Others. This year we could only give this award to one person who embodies this spirit for his tireless efforts sprinting into action all year long without a break to have his creative voice heard through, films and screenplays after being overwhelmingly inspired by his experience last year at ReelHeART. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, from Southampton, United Kingdom– Mr. Philip Peel –

A very curious day(s) during the third day of our Toronto film shoot.  I awoke early (no curtains) and sat in my bed marking up the lined script and put together a rough test edit of some scenes


The day was good,  the  bedroom scene went well. (another ? )  and I ended up filming in the shower again.


Later on Melissa tried out my equipment. Looks like I wasn’t too impressed :-)

Melissa and Phil IMG_2768 smaller

Then day 3 of filming in Toronto turned into day 3A, as we got back to the apartment at about 5 and fell asleep. Melissa on the couch (where I usually sleep) so I went for a nap on her bed and Paul who I thought was asleep who actually checking sound, came through to find us both asleep,  so went to sleep himself. 6 hours later,  Melissa woke to find it all dark. Woke us up. We had breakfast at Midnight. Then filmed through till 5am pausing for lunch at 3am. Now it’s 6:30 am, dawn again and we’re off to bed for the second time.

Dawn over Toronto as we go to sleep for the second time.



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