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Welcome to my blog. I’m an award winning director/producer who also lights, writes and teaches.

You’ll find quite a range of stuff here as I’m involved in many aspects of film and video production.  I was previously Course Leader for the Degree in Film Production at the Arts University at Bournemouth, and before that a BBC TV director

I’m experienced in Directing, Lighting & Camerawork , ProducingWriting, Corporate, Live Multicamera Directing, Music Videos so if you want to work with me or some advice drop me a line or give me a ring on 07973 753 777

I’ve worked professionally in most areas of film and television production. So the phrase “Jack of all trades ..master of a few” comes to mind.    :-)

LINK to some of my credits and films

I was selected in 2013 by Creative England as one of only five English filmmakers to be supported by Creative England for the TALENT LAB programme at Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF)

My latest drama showreel is here –

Writer/producer/director, DP  & editor.  Comedy short John Lennon’s Turd. (2013)   Currently just out on the international Film Festival circuit. Awarded “Best Short Film” (second place)  Toronto Reelheart International Film Festival

“I really like it. It’s got a lovely, funny but downbeat tone and atmosphere. Good script, very well directed, with great performances. Excellent.”

Paul Bassett Davies    – Creative Director at London Comedy Writers Festival


Director/Producer/Camera/Editor of “Love” (2013) (short) awarded “Best Film” at Southampton Film Week;  Guerilla Film Award & Winning Film team Production Award. 50Kisses Premiere;  Official selection for Edinburgh Short Film Festival  ; Official selection New York Bootleg Film Festival.

“This is a devastatingly brilliant piece of storytelling, masterfully handled, and the feedback from the Bootleg team was unanimous – audiences need to see this film. ”

– Director of Photography ‘Don’t’ (2013) (short) Official Selection of New York City International Film Festival

Producer and Director of Photography of:

–   Buon Giorno Sayonara (2010) (short). (exec. prod.) 33 International Film Festivals including “Best Comedy Award” Hyart Film Festival in Wyoming. Nominated for  three awards : Best International/Foreign Language Film, Best Direction (Karen Hope) , and Best Performance (Thomas Kadman) at Thurrock International Film Festival.  Awards for Best International Film, Best Director and Best In Show.
–   Bull amongst the Feathers (2008) (short) Rome International Film Festival
–   Legs 11. (2009) (short) Toronto & Florida International Film Festival
–   Shadows (2009) (short) Dubai International Film Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival

–  Zombie Radio (2010) Boston Sci-Fi Festival

–   In My Shoes (2010) (short) Fastnet Film Festival


JLT Southampton Postcard front - more space


UK  Premiere at Sonar Cinema, Solent University, East Park Terrace  Southampton SO14 0YN.


Friday 7th at 7:30.  Showing with Emily’s Dance 


First conversation I had at the Rhode Island International Film Festival

“Hey you a filmmaker?”

” What’s the film about?”

..I gulped. 50Kisses is not an easy film to summarise. ..and I was talking to the Rhode Island Film Commissionaire. But 20 minutes later he got the idea. ..and loved it.

So here I am now five days later. ..and I’ve answered the same question over 20 times. I’m getting better at it. ..well shorter. :-)

So here’s the pitch.

“50 Kisses ..It’s a unique feature film know crowd funding? This is crowd sourced. Started with nearly 2000 scripts.. 180 film crews ..over 2000 people involved ..down to 25 short films in a 90 minute feature. Romantic, thriller, sad ..and zombie. It’s got everything.

It was organised by the London Screenwriters festival. The biggest in the world… to give screenwriters the chance to get a script filmed. Each had to write a 2 page script ..with a kiss ..and set on Valentine Day. Then the best 50 were chosen and any filmmaker could sign up to make them. One screenwriter got her script filmed 9 times.

Then the best 25 films were chosen for the feature. ..and it works really well ..and is a Guinness world record holder for most number of script credits.”

I’m going to stop writing. I have to go to see a film now.


At the closing ceremony at the  Toronto Reelheart International Film Festival last night ..or rather in the early hours of this morning, our  film won second prize in the Short Film Awards. A great night with fantastic support and encouragement from the magnificent team that run the festival, it was an roller coaster of an evening with laughter, tears and karaoke!

After we were thrown out at 3:30 am it continued on the sidewalk. Thank  you to all involved in running the festival. Shannon and her team.  Especially Peter and Cheryl for driving us around.

We made so many new filmmaking friends.  …and managed to shoot a short with Melissa and Paul, mostly in the early hours of the morning , after the screenings, script reads and parties.

1-Phil Peel copy

I’ve just completed a first edit whilst waiting for my flight and it looks like it’ll be coming in at 10 minutes. Shot in 4K of course with my new Panasonic GH4. It behaved very well. It looks stunning, thanks to the great locations we were able to use and Melissa’s amazing dresses.Hopefully we can show it at next years Reelheart Festival. Now back to scriptwriting.

Edinburgh to Toronto

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Goodbye to Edinburgh Film Festival.  …and onto Toronto.


I was actually awake before the alarm went off. I’d packed the night before as it was going to be a looonng day.

I said goodbye to my little room in Edinburgh overlooking the Cameo Cinema. (window’s a bit dirty)

cameo Cinema

(as featured in Oscar nominated “The Illusionist“)


Got picked up by the taxi …and arrived at the Airport 2 hours early.  A quick hop down to Heathrow and across to the new Terminal 2.  So new it hadn’t been opened  -well not officially.  which probably explained why everyone seemed super keen to be nice.  I was 6 hours early for my flight.  Oh well I’d learnt that it better to be early and relaxed than sorry and stressed.  So I tried out my new GH4 camera, filming people observational documentary style. I’m still getting used to the camera. So it’s all good practice.


Heathrow Terminal 2 02-20140622_104956

I was a little nervous that I would be challenged as I spent several hours filming. And sure enough as I concentrated  through the viewfinder, I noticed a sinister figure beside me. I was just practicing my explanation when I realised it was Paul Witcombe, Camera Op. on John Lennon’s Turd, who would be sharing my flight with me.



Queuing up for the flight. Just in front of us on the jet bridge,  the door malfunctioned, so we couldn’t get on for half an hour.  Finally set off an hour late.

Interesting categorisation for Alan Partidge -Alpha Papa … Avant Garde.   Godard would turn in his grave…but he’s not dead yet.


As we Canada, the pilot gave us the good news .. weather fine etc.  and then the bad. 190 passengers had their luggage stuck back at Heathrow.  When we landed we found mine was Ok ( benefit of arriving 6 hours early) but Paul’s was back in the UK.


Here he is queuing to fill in a form. They wouldn’t take a mobile number. Had to have a local one, which was tricky. 06-20140622_190102

Strangely Whilst Paul was none to happy about losing his luggage, it  actually turned out to be a good thing. For me anyway.. (see later)

Finally at our Apartment


I’d left my UK shaver adaptor at home , so was looking a little shaggy.


The apartment was 40 flights up.


When we arrived at the apartment we found a note from  Melissa, who had arrived the day before, was visiting Niagara Falls.

..and the view was scary   ..and awesome (pronounced arsesum in Canada).   Initially I found it hard to go out on the balcony without holding on tightly to the rails


There are some advantages to being tall. I couldn’t do this.




We could watch the aircraft landing at the city airport.



But  I set up my GH4 camera to do a time-lapse of the sunset and headed off to explore.


Paul and I went out to to check out the neighbourhood and find some food.  …and take a lot of photos. We both as slow as each other stopping as an sight appeared.


After walking right round the nearby baseball stadium we found a bar. So had a burger , a beer and watched baseball on the TVs.     None of this world Cup Soccer nonsense. :-)

16-20140622_222502 17-20140622_223412


Bought some food at a store and via a few panoramic shots went back to meet up with Melissa.  Bed at 4am british time ..midnight Canadian time …a long day.




We though today was a long day, but tomorrow was going to be longer we searched for padlock, chain and underwear to start shooting  our Toronto Thriller   ..oh and we went to our Premiere.



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