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Filming Karen’s Film -Buon Giorno Sayonara Day 3

Posted by Phil On August - 13 - 2010

After intense discussion, we finally decided to film the pub scene at the Deane Park Inn. This was a scene in which the Italian man and Japanese woman wait in vain to be served outside the pub. then they steal the bikes.

We then drove down to fiilm under Boscombe Pier. where I had one of the strangest coincidences I’ve had in filmmaking.

We set up some way from the pier to get a long shot. In the scene she shows off her karate moves to impress him

As we lined up the camera to the marked spot under the pier a man came down sat by our filming mark and then proceded to do the most amazing martial arts acrobatics right on the spot  we were filming. Bizarre!

We were a bit nervous as Simon went over to ask him to move.   we weren’t quiet sure how he would take it. but he  was OK

I suggested we do a tracking reveal shot which worked well and we got set up and shot very fast.

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