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Buon Giorno Sayonara First day of filming

Posted by Phil On August - 10 - 2010

First day of filming.  We’re on Boscombe Pier and it’s wet.  Then it dries up, as forcast ..which gives us continuity problems.   but then it starts raining again, which the forcast didn’t predict!

In the rain on Boscombe pier

Luckily there’s a central covered partition but the problem is that we need to film on both sides and on the windward side it’s blowing a gale and the rain is driving straight into the lens.

Phil pondering the exposure

We’ve got the Arriflex camera covered, but the the rain gets on the filter very quickly. Also the rain and wind funnel through the gaps in the pier partition so hard that it’s difficult to stay upright.

The actors are great, but Karen, the director, can’t hear what they are saying.

But we managed to film 5 pages of script, which is good for a first day.

Tyrone, Hermina and Tamoko

As the schedule had been very over optimistic, we hadn’t completed everything, so we worked on in the evening to reschedule at our temporary “office” in the Dean Park Inn.

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