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Posted by Phil On January - 10 - 2011

I started life as a professional photographer.  Using 5 by 4 large format cameras, as well as medium format and 35mm. I’ve always loved lighting and continued to use what I learnt in filming.   I’ll have to get around to putting up more of my work on this site. Unfortunately I have over 30,000 photos on file.

Anyway I digress   ..from photography..

..I then moved in to sound recording, portable video production, radio producing. I worked as  medical photographer and cameraman.

I was also a cable TV producer, worked with youngsters in rough areas like St Pauls and Southmead in Bristol. Set up a bunch of community media organisations.  Became a professional writer.  Going to an office, sitting writing  9 to 5.  This was before the age of wordprocessors!   Yes I know   ..the dark ages   🙂

I then joined the BBC,  worked in Bristol on some amazing programmes like RPM with Dave Pritchard. we worked with The Stranglers, Rolling Stones etc. I also directed the news programme Points West and Children in Need. Was a scout for finding bands for TV, which is not as much fun as it might appear.  I remember sitting all day in a very damp field in Somerset watching a series of very uninspiring bands on a tiny stage.

Moved to BBC South ..more great programmes.  “The Journey” series with Peter Terson and Denis Skillicorn, more music ” The Cellar Show”    ..more “Children in Need”   but then television got boring.  New Director General John Birt’s  ” mission to explain” meant that rock bands , taking a gypsy caravan from Winchester to Cambridge etc. was no longer on the agenda.

So I moved to education …to Salisbury College of Art, where I spent many happy years filming with a great bunch of students and having a great time.   I continued to do freelance work and filmed yachts in the South of France, climbing, potholing, windsurfing, bike racing in helicopters, aircraft etc.   Turned down the offer to work with the ..then unknown “Spice Girls”   Shot many many, dramas. Lots of bands, helped with “28 days Later.”  and a bunch of other films.  Continued to do live multicamera directing, particularly with the inspiring Gareth Henderson.

As I was teaching script writing, I thought I ought to write again myself, so I wrote and filmed some shorts and a feature and then did an MA in Screenwriting.

Then finally I moved to the  Arts University College at Bournemouth and took over as Course Leader for the BA in Film Production.

The most poular film course in the UK   …allegedly!    Unfortunately also a lot of  bureaucracy !  Then I ran the Skillset Scene Academy  Summer Schools for 4 years.   100 youngsters, 30 films, 100+ actors, 100+ locations !   “A Triumph”  I was told. This was followed by a series of successful summer course for Directors.  (which I’m still running)  Many of these have got into International film Festivals

What’s next?

watch this space   🙂


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