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Here’s an interesting article from Andrew Reid comparing the Panasonic GH2 with the range of Canons.


I’ve been testing the CineStyle picture profile today, and alongside it my Panasonic GH2 set to the Cinema Gamma film mode. The purpose of CineStyle on Canon DSLRs is to extract more dynamic range to produce an image over which you can have more control in post and avoid crushed blacks or washed out highlights in the original exposure.


The GH2 holds onto a hell of a lot, so even though the Canons have sensors capable of wider dynamic range, the GH2 still beats them, CineStyle or no CineStyle.

CineStyle essentially reduces the brightness of highlights to preserve detail, and boosts the brightness of darker tones to save more shadow detail. What it cannot do is increase tonality. The GH2 has more – it is the higher contrast camera, with better scaling and yet it still holds onto more dynamic range.

So with CineStyle I have more creative control in post but with the GH2 I still have a better end result, though it is more baked-in. Even with contrast -2 in Cinema Gamma mode on the GH2 blacks are dark black, then smoothly dark greys appear with plenty of detail. It also holds onto detail in highlights. For dynamic range as well as tonality it still beats the 600D with CineStyle.

via – Canon 600D Technicolor CineStyle versus GH2 Cinema Mode.

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