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First day of new film shoot tomorrow

Posted by Phil On November - 18 - 2011

It’s going to be a busy week. So it’s good that my broken rib is mending.

Saturday we start filming my adaptation of Michael Sands’ play “Autumn Leaves”

“On a park bench in Greenwich, two friends meet for the first time in years, but as they discuss the past, the man has to say to her something that will change their friendship forever. But is the risk of losing her too great to say what he wants?

We’re filming with the lovely Sasha Paul’s two kids, who are playing the younger versions of the adult couple in flashback. So it’s 1980s style costume, and complete with legwarmers!

Just to make life confusing, most of the crew are called Paul! {:-)

Later scenes are in the London Underground. Should be interesting.

Then Sunday is filming some football scenes for the dance rap music video linked to the Football/ Cowboy/ Time travel film. Yes you heard right!

Thursday is a live multicamera going to giant screen for audience of 5000.

Then a few days later filming at River Studios, the second day of the recording of the rap dance track. phew!

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