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DSLR Camera case

Posted by Phil On December - 10 - 2011

Those nice people at Lovecases recently sent me one of their new camera case to review.

This was the Capdase 180A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag. Wow that’s a bit of a mouthful!  I wonder why they need such complicated names?  Perhaps it’s because there are so many on the market now.

But actually this is one of the better ones.  Most of the time I keep my camera kit in either a flight case or a large camera rucksack.  In addition to the camera, I have lenses, zoom audio recorder, wireless mics, shoulder support, clapper board, matte box, filters, chargers, monopod etc. etc. oh and usually a Macbook Pro thrown in for good measure.

Though my rucksack gives me everything I need for basic film production, it is rather cumbersome and if not back breaking, at least back aching.

So when I go out shooting discretely (or guerrilla style) then a smaller case is better.







…and this MKeeper bag is really rather nice and well made.


closed camera case






The cover flap comes right over the top cover, as an added protection when you flip it over.  There’s an additional front pocket and  front zip mesh pocket in the top.


waterproof cover camera case






…and the real surprise was digging into the back pocket, I found a water proof cover which extended over the whole case. this provided a third layer of protection.





My son liked it so much, he’s borrowed it to go on a road trip round Texas.

..So I’m now trying to find another smaller case. 🙂

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