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Now Everybody Stand in Line my latest music video

Posted by Phil On February - 2 - 2012

OK here’s the final edit of my latest music video.  It seems to be doing well as it’s had over 100 250 500+ hits on YouTube today.

Now I have to do a US version, (as it’s called Soccer over there) then a Spanish one.



The colour grading was a long process. The green, orange and yellow shirts, glasses, red card, flesh tones, football, purple watch strap and  grey background were all matted out separately in FCP Color secondary corrections.But I think it’s made a big difference. Over 350 separate shots. Mike did a lot of work on it.

The Panasonic GH2 was great though I can see that it not so good if your underexposing at lower light level.

Filming in the infinity cove studio

Filming the night club scenes

Editing the video

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