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Using the Panasonic GH2 with the ATEM: some questions

Posted by Phil On March - 10 - 2012

A conversation I had with Johan from Sweden,which might be of interest to anyone using the  ATEM mixer with Panasonic GH2.

WARNING it’s a bit of a geeky conversation. 🙂


Found a post you made on the CC-forum about using GH2 with the ATEM. I have some Q:s about that and maybe you are the man with the answers!
Im looking for a cheap setup to edit some live events. I know the sound is crap with the delay but tht doesnt bother me much.
Im more worried about well… the ATEM and its weak performance with HDMI. How long cable have you tried it with and gotten it to work? I read that some people have got it to work with 15-20m cable but with really expensive ones.
Also how does it work with HDMI-SDI converters? Had any problems in that area?
It´s a cheap setup but its HD and digital but still its alot of money for an organisation that dont have any. 🙂
I would be greatful if you could give me your thought about it.



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Hi Johan

Actually I’ve found the cheap(ish) solution to the audio sound delay, which is the  TVOne-task 1T-AP-216 analog to digital convertor  which is about £40. this works

regarding using HDMI. I only use HDMI cables for those cameras that are quite close to the mixer, otherwise I use HDMI to SDI convertors.  thought it means you need to get a power supply to the camera.

Black Magic do one  for about £220

but I also use the Hyperdeck shuttle
which is about the same price, has a built in battery and gives me a solid state uncompressed video recorder for the same price. though SSD s are expensive.

Hope this helps


Highspot Johan
7 Mar (4 days ago)

to me

Wow that was fast! And very helpful. 🙂
Thanks for the tip about the soundconverter! That will be very helpful.

Yes its the extra powersupply i dont want to deal with. Its for a Swedish Pro Wrestling-promotion and i need 2 guys at ringside so with the intercom/sdi/converter/

powersupply its going to be kind of tricky moving around + the wrestler often brawl on the outside… So the whole thing is a bit risky with all the cables.

Funny you should mension the Shuttle cuz I ordered one 4 hours ago for my Sony EX1.
But to capture a 2 hour show is going to be hard! Need to find another solution for that. Im thinking about a H264 encoder and record to another computer. Then I should be safe!

You have been very helpful and if I have another Q maybe I will drop you a line.



On 7 March 2012 17:20, Highspot Johan <> wrote:

Hi again!
Im sorry but I had a crazy idea.
The switcher is connected to the computer via USB 2.0 right?
So if you have a long usb-cord + maybe a repeater could the switcher be close to the cameras but the laptop lets say 15 meters away? Just a thought. 🙂

Philip Peel skrev 2012-03-07 18:29:

The switcher connects by ethernet network cable to the laptop, so it can be a long way away.

btw I use the hyperdeck shuttle solely as an HDMI to SDI converter with the ATEM. If your not recording with it, the internal battery lasts a long time also  It only need 12volt so you could run it from another battery.


On 7 March 2012 17:30, Highspot Johan <> wrote:

Ok… stupid question but what is the USB for?hmm so the shuttle works as a converter… wow never thought about that! well one less thing to worry about!

Philip Peel skrev 2012-03-07 19:36:

Yes the hyperdeck will work as an HDMI to HDSDI convertor or as an HDSDI to HDMI converter.

The USB is to update the software.

btw I’ve thought of a problem with your plan to have the laptop at a distance.  The laptop only shows the control surface of the mixer. The multiview monitor and output monitor feeds come from the ATEM and use HDMI outputs. However the good news is that monitors are far better at coping with longer HDMI cables than the inputs to the ATEM.

On 7 March 2012 19:46, Highspot Johan <> wrote:

oohh crap! haha forgot about the monitors! 🙂 But as you say they should be ok with longer cables.
Well i didnt win the lottery this week eighter so I guess this will be an ok solution for now! 🙂
Got a comment that the GH2 looks silly when you film with it and they rather have the stupid Sony HDV plastic as shit shouldercam HVR1000 or whats it called cuz it looks cooler AND have a touchscreen haha Stupid people! haha

once again Thanx for all your help!


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