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Posted by Phil On April - 11 - 2013

I frequently find that I seem to be working at the extreme ends of the filmmaking production process  … simultaneously.

…and trying to decide which should take priority. It’s probably not very clear exactly what I’m talking about, but to explain..

Over the last few days, two tasks have made it to the top of my on-line “To Do” list. One task is complete the script breakdown and  arrange the auditions for my next short  film. …enticing titled John Lennon’s Turd .  (more to come on that in a later post)

Actually I realise that’s two tasks, but in my mind it’s sort of one, as it’s one project.  So in my mind I see them as one task.

Anyway the task at the other end of the filmmaking spectrum is to enter my short film “Love” into some film festivals.  It’s some while since I personally entered a film, as I’ve been working on other peoples films, so haven’t had the delight of doing it recently.

I  far prefer to do the preproduction. I find that working towards making a film is far more pleasurable and exciting and I’ve been putting off doing the film festival applications for ages now.   It’s probably my subconscious ..the fear of rejection … so if I don’t enter  …then I won’t get rejected.

I’ve set myself a deadline of 1st June to finish filming John Lennon’s Turd  (JLT from now one), so I really do need to get a move on. I’ve shortlisted the actors  and just to need to audition them.  But I decided to temporarily call a halt on that ..and hit the festival entry processes.

Gosh it’s a slog ..isn’t it?  Uploading files in the right format, stills, CV’s, filmography, checking everybody’s name is spelt right  etc. etc.

They want a poster?     Oh dear I better design one.   Two days it took me  …well in between Facebooking,  a bit of hedge trimming, celebrating Lucy V.Hay’s feedback on one of my feature scripts “Excellent ” she said  ..watching In the House  by  Francois Ozon. Fascinating film …all about writing.  Sorry I digress.

The poster ..  I wanted images of the sinister man (Lula) and the young girl (Holly) ..with the title “Love”

But the problem was how could I combine those elements without it appearing to be some sort of film about a weird relationship between and older man and a young girl?  I think  I finally managed to get the right look.


Here it is.

Poster for "Love" short film

What do you think? I’m quite pleased with it. Though I’m not 100% sure about the tagline “Can one word stop him”



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