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First day of Edinburgh Film Festival Talent Lab

Posted by Phil On June - 22 - 2013

30 filmmakers say hello to each other in marathon 2 hour session


This was pretty exhausting and for me after a few minutes it was a complete blur of faces and names. But a good ice breaker.


Then in the afternoon a Pitching Workshop from the viewpoint of Distribution Companies…basically they really prefer to hear pitches from Producers. Preferably not Directors and writers don’t get a look in.
This was followed up by Market Place Live, which I had seen before and is basically a role play dramatisation of the production of a fictionalised film…if that makes sense. It’s enjoyable, funny and highly informative.

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  1. Independent motion picture suppliers are showing how the major studios do not are the exclusive judges of the things the general public really want. When you add to that distribution on the Internet and, news flash, web pages, from rumor to whole videos. It’s a really brand new environment. Much of it great, some not.

    • Phil says:

      Yes we live in interesting times. In only a few years cinema distribution has gone digital. The major studios are just throwing more and more money at blockbusters, There’s a big hole for independents to fill

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