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The Beatles White Album

Posted by Phil On June - 10 - 2013

My copy of the famous Beatles White Album. ..a numbered early …but not very white ..any longer… copy. This is a crucial element in the storyline of John Lennon’s Turd. My thinking is that there should be no copyright issues with a white cover. I also understand that there are no copyright issues with using the name of a band, but the lyrics are a different matter.  Apparently one author had to pay over £500 to use one line from “When I’m 64” in his book.

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It’s been fascinating looking through all my old LPs.  I have at least 400. I think some of them are quite rare. I’ve discovered I’ve got an early version of The Who sell Out with Poster which was a limited edition of only 500. So maybe I can sell it to help finance the film.  That would be nice.  🙂

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