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“LOVE” selected for 50 Kisses Feature Film

Posted by Phil On January - 10 - 2014

I’ve just heard that our short film “LOVE” has been chosen as one of the films that will be FULLY featured in the 50 Kisses Feature Film to be premiered in London on 13th Feb.  Well done writer Rob Burke, crew Deanna and Terry, actors Holly , Lula,  Melody and my son Mike who  colour graded & sharpened my editing.

Here’s the official announcement..

I am delighted to announce that we have locked the 50 Kisses feature film – and it’s running to 90 minutes almost to the second!

The team and our post production volunteers have been working through the holidays to overcome some technical challenges and get the film finished in time for the premiere.

And we have had to make some very tough choices too, over which films to include in their entirety.

As we said in our last update, ALL the films submitted to ’50 Kisses’ will be featured in some way in the final edit with 25 films being featured in their entirety.

Congratulations to ALL the film makers who submitted – we look forward to seeing you ALL at the premiere, in posh frocks and black tie, along with friends and family.


As well as the film screening, we will be presenting our artistic and technical awards too. All the films and filmmakers chosen to feature in the film will be in with a chance.

The categories the film has been nominated for are…

▪ Best performance

▪ Best production design

▪ Best cinematography

▪ Best editing

▪ Best sound

▪ Best music

▪ Best director

▪ Best film (main award and iPad winner)

▪ Guerilla Film Award


…and here’s the full list of 25 films


▪ Last Chance by Mirror Image, written by Nick Grills

▪ Nothing Ventured by Giant B, written by Nina Haerland

▪ Other People’s Kisses by Simon Forster, written by Gabriella Apicella

▪ Enough by Puzzle Pictures, written by Kirsty McConnell

▪ Smasheroo by Sweet Home Films, written by James Howard

▪ That Good Night by Team Solution, written by Kenneth J Kemm

▪ Beryl by Capitol City, written by Sarah Page

▪ Practice Makes Perfect by Team Station, written by Mark Pallis

▪ Dream Date by Makelight Productions, written by Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm

▪ You Used to Bring Me Flowers by Open All Hours Media, written by Jo Buckman

▪ Colton’s Big Night by Sun Rock Productions, written by Nathan Gower

▪ Romantic Hideaway by Team Scribble, written by Kulvinder Gill

▪ Never Forget by Black Toffee / SnapperPunchFish Productions, written by Peter Carruthers

▪ Love by Grindstone Films, written by Rob Burke

▪ Neil by Anil Rao, written by Nigel Karikari

▪ First / Last by Cut to Productions, written by Stephen O’Brien

▪ Unbearable by Darkwood Films, written by Nick Luddington

▪ Neil by Storydigital, written by Nigel Karikari

▪ The Last Supper by James Cookson, written by Richard Green

▪ The Moment by A Silver Bullet, written by Stephen Cooper

▪ Getting Ahead of Yourself by Uncle Susan Films, written by John Thornton

▪ Priceless by UNEZEYES Productions, written by Nathan Gower

▪ Red Light by Good Shout, written by Ryan La Via

▪ Lonely Heart by Good Shout, written by Mark Jones

▪ A Kiss Goodbye by Under Your Hat Productions, written by Tina Lowe

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