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The Panasonic GH4 looks even better.

Posted by Phil On March - 23 - 2014

Panasonic have confirmed that the GH4 (quite amazingly) outputs 10bit 4K 4:2:2 direct from the onboard micro HDMI port without the optional but expensive  YAGH accessory box.

So that means you can record in 10 bit in an external recorder , which means that colour grading should be way better.

In my last film using the GH2 and GH3, I had real problems with some shots that had been filmed using the wrong colour balance . The 8 bit images began to really fall apart when I tried strong colour correction.  So 10 bit should be fantastic.    

….on the other hand I could have got the colour balance right in the first place, as we used to have to do with film  🙂

If you can afford it, the add -on base accessory box (which costs more than the camera) has even more useful facilities, though it has to have an external power supply, which is a bit of a limitation.

The YAGH accessory box for the GH4  takes video entirely from the micro HDMI port on the GH4, which is why it can offer 10bit 4:2:2 through the full sized HDMI port it offers as well as HD-SDI.




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Now got some more details from Panasonic about what the camera can really do.

Here is Panasonic’s Matt Frazer  talking to Zacuto. Clearing up a some of the confusion about the cameras outputs.



…and another interesting hands on review with a pre-production model. Showing how it can do really nice slo mo.

Best stuff is about 10 mins in.

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