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4am Toronto – Filming glamour 40 stories up

Posted by Phil On June - 25 - 2014

Melissa de Mol


We’re at the ReelheART International Film Festival, where our film John Lennon’s Turd has premièred. I realised  we had everything we needed to make a film:  great location, brilliant actress and the Reelheart Festival , who btw are brilliant.. are taking us to some really expensive clubs. Having just got the  new Panansonic GH4 4 K  camera.

Unfortunately the ReelheART Festival …did I mention how good they are?   are keeping us really busy with screening, parties, music, meals etc.

So we couldn’t start filming till 2am  and then finished as dawn broke at 5:30.


This is the balcony scene where she waits for the champagne,  before it starts to go nasty in the bedroom.

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