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Edinburgh to Toronto

Posted by Phil On June - 28 - 2014

Goodbye to Edinburgh Film Festival.  …and onto Toronto.


I was actually awake before the alarm went off. I’d packed the night before as it was going to be a looonng day.

I said goodbye to my little room in Edinburgh overlooking the Cameo Cinema. (window’s a bit dirty)

cameo Cinema

(as featured in Oscar nominated “The Illusionist“)


Got picked up by the taxi …and arrived at the Airport 2 hours early.  A quick hop down to Heathrow and across to the new Terminal 2.  So new it hadn’t been opened  -well not officially.  which probably explained why everyone seemed super keen to be nice.  I was 6 hours early for my flight.  Oh well I’d learnt that it better to be early and relaxed than sorry and stressed.  So I tried out my new GH4 camera, filming people observational documentary style. I’m still getting used to the camera. So it’s all good practice.


Heathrow Terminal 2 02-20140622_104956

I was a little nervous that I would be challenged as I spent several hours filming. And sure enough as I concentrated  through the viewfinder, I noticed a sinister figure beside me. I was just practicing my explanation when I realised it was Paul Witcombe, Camera Op. on John Lennon’s Turd, who would be sharing my flight with me.



Queuing up for the flight. Just in front of us on the jet bridge,  the door malfunctioned, so we couldn’t get on for half an hour.  Finally set off an hour late.

Interesting categorisation for Alan Partidge -Alpha Papa … Avant Garde.   Godard would turn in his grave…but he’s not dead yet.


As we Canada, the pilot gave us the good news .. weather fine etc.  and then the bad. 190 passengers had their luggage stuck back at Heathrow.  When we landed we found mine was Ok ( benefit of arriving 6 hours early) but Paul’s was back in the UK.


Here he is queuing to fill in a form. They wouldn’t take a mobile number. Had to have a local one, which was tricky. 06-20140622_190102

Strangely Whilst Paul was none to happy about losing his luggage, it  actually turned out to be a good thing. For me anyway.. (see later)

Finally at our Apartment


I’d left my UK shaver adaptor at home , so was looking a little shaggy.


The apartment was 40 flights up.


When we arrived at the apartment we found a note from  Melissa, who had arrived the day before, was visiting Niagara Falls.

..and the view was scary   ..and awesome (pronounced arsesum in Canada).   Initially I found it hard to go out on the balcony without holding on tightly to the rails


There are some advantages to being tall. I couldn’t do this.




We could watch the aircraft landing at the city airport.



But  I set up my GH4 camera to do a time-lapse of the sunset and headed off to explore.


Paul and I went out to to check out the neighbourhood and find some food.  …and take a lot of photos. We both as slow as each other stopping as an sight appeared.


After walking right round the nearby baseball stadium we found a bar. So had a burger , a beer and watched baseball on the TVs.     None of this world Cup Soccer nonsense. 🙂

16-20140622_222502 17-20140622_223412


Bought some food at a store and via a few panoramic shots went back to meet up with Melissa.  Bed at 4am british time ..midnight Canadian time …a long day.




We though today was a long day, but tomorrow was going to be longer we searched for padlock, chain and underwear to start shooting  our Toronto Thriller   ..oh and we went to our Premiere.


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