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At the closing ceremony at the  Toronto Reelheart International Film Festival last night ..or rather in the early hours of this morning, our  film won second prize in the Short Film Awards. A great night with fantastic support and encouragement from the magnificent team that run the festival, it was an roller coaster of an evening with laughter, tears and karaoke!

After we were thrown out at 3:30 am it continued on the sidewalk. Thank  you to all involved in running the festival. Shannon and her team.  Especially Peter and Cheryl for driving us around.

We made so many new filmmaking friends.  …and managed to shoot a short with Melissa and Paul, mostly in the early hours of the morning , after the screenings, script reads and parties.

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I’ve just completed a first edit whilst waiting for my flight and it looks like it’ll be coming in at 10 minutes. Shot in 4K of course with my new Panasonic GH4. It behaved very well. It looks stunning, thanks to the great locations we were able to use and Melissa’s amazing dresses.Hopefully we can show it at next years Reelheart Festival. Now back to scriptwriting.

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