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Summarising 50Kisses at the Rhode Island Film Festival

Posted by Phil On August - 9 - 2014

First conversation I had at the Rhode Island International Film Festival

“Hey you a filmmaker?”

” What’s the film about?”

..I gulped. 50Kisses is not an easy film to summarise. ..and I was talking to the Rhode Island Film Commissionaire. But 20 minutes later he got the idea. ..and loved it.

So here I am now five days later. ..and I’ve answered the same question over 20 times. I’m getting better at it. ..well shorter. 🙂

So here’s the pitch.

“50 Kisses ..It’s a unique feature film know crowd funding? This is crowd sourced. Started with nearly 2000 scripts.. 180 film crews ..over 2000 people involved ..down to 25 short films in a 90 minute feature. Romantic, thriller, sad ..and zombie. It’s got everything.

It was organised by the London Screenwriters festival. The biggest in the world… to give screenwriters the chance to get a script filmed. Each had to write a 2 page script ..with a kiss ..and set on Valentine Day. Then the best 50 were chosen and any filmmaker could sign up to make them. One screenwriter got her script filmed 9 times.

Then the best 25 films were chosen for the feature. ..and it works really well ..and is a Guinness world record holder for most number of script credits.”

I’m going to stop writing. I have to go to see a film now.

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