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The follow up to 50 Kisses goes live.

Posted by Phil On May - 27 - 2015

Vreate50 the impact

Finally it can be revealed. The follow up to the crowdsourced feature film 50 Kisses is officially launched

…and one of my scripts is currently in top position on the most popular list …probably not for long, but hey it looks good for the moment  🙂

There’s a group of us screenwriters from 50 Kisses who’ve been busily beta testing the new Create50 website for four months now.  We’ve been sworn to secrecy until the launch.    So here’s the pitch.

A civilisation-destroying meteor, heading towards earth, is discovered by NASA. It’s terrifying, devastating and inevitable impact is announced from the White House. With only two hours left for humankind, what would happen?

Check it out.   Winners will share a screen credit for screenplay with Joe Eszterhas ( Basic Instinct) who has written the opening two pages.







I wonder why every talk nowadays is called a Masterclass?   Anyway having edited since the Stone Age, I’ve picked up a few tips over the years, so next Tuesday evening at Salisbury Arts Centre I’m going to run though some of things I’ve learnt.  ..I have actually edited news using video tape and marking it with chinagraph pencil.   …but I won’t be demonstrating that. 🙂    I’m fiming all day in London and racing back for it.  So assuming John Bruce remembers to pick me up from the Salisbury station I should be there on time.

Here’s the official blurb.

“Fix it in post!” – Editing with Phil Peel

Award winning filmmaker Phil Peel has worked on over 50 short films, screened at festivals all over the world. After leaving the BBC, he founded and developed the Film Course at Salisbury (now Wiltshire) College, before taking over as Course Leader in the BA Film Production at the Arts University at Bournemouth.

He was one of only five English filmmakers to be supported by Creative England to attend the Talent Lab development programme at the 2013 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Apart from his work as a writer/director, Phil currently freelances as editor/colour grader in corporate, music, arts and drama. He’s used virtually every edit system, including 16mm film, Avid, Premiere Pro & Final Cut, and is presently working on FCPX, Da Vinci Resolve and After Effects.

In this Masterclass Phil will look at how editing has evolved, exploring scenes from feature films and music videos. He’ll also show some of the techniques he’s developed for speed editing at recent festivals, and how new technologies have revolutionised post production.

Bar will be open from 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start.

My screenplay is in top 3 winners !

Posted by Phil On May - 6 - 2015


We are excited and pleased to announce our Top 3 Winners from our highly competitive Feature Screenplay Category for ReelHeART 2015! In alphabetical order they are:

11th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival July 06-11, 2015

11th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival July 06-11, 2015

  •      ‘A Compact Death’,written by Brien McHugh
  •     ‘Best of Intentions’, written by Phil Peel
  •     ‘The Alien’s Puppets’, written byRubens Marinelli and Matheus Hruschka


  Congratulations to Everyone!


All Top 3 Winners will receive a rehearsed, cast-to-type full Live Script Read in front of a ReelHeART Festival Audience July o6-11, 2015