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Live Script read in Toronto

Posted by Phil On June - 5 - 2015

I’m very thrilled that ReelHeART International Film Festival have chosen my screenplay “Best of Intentions”for their live cast and rehearsed script reads in Toronto this Summer.  I’ll be flying over from the UK for it.

I went to last year’s  reads, as I had a film which won in the festival last year. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to be that engaged with the script reads. I’ve worked with actors a lot and heard scripts read at many auditions.

But hearing Lindsay Waite and Steven Prowse’s scripts last year, I was completely blown away by the experience. It’s just like seeing the film, except that it has huge unlimited budget and the best special effects ever as you create them in your imagination. I was taken a roller caster ride of emotion.

Amazing immersive experiences.

So I’m really looking forward to sharing “Best of Intentions” . It’s an epic WWII romantic drama and shows the emotional impact of war in incidents seen separately through British, French and German eyes.  It’s based on a true story told me by my father about a relation of ours who was going to be dropped behind enemy lines and though happily married and in love with his wife, was nasty and unpleasant to her, so she would dislike him and not grieve when he was killed.  So they divorced.

But..   to his surprise he survived the war, they met again seven years after the war and remarried.

So I took this story and created a fictional character Mike, married to Mary.  Then wove it around real events, primarily Operation Jedburgh. This was an operation to land three man teams comprising an American, a Frenchman and a Brit. who were dropped, in uniform,  throughout France just before D Day.   Though considered by many a foolhardy suicide mission, it was hugely successful and specifically delayed the elite and infamous “Das Reich” tank division, coming up from the south of France, from reaching the D-Day beaches  in time to make a difference.


A Jedburgh bids an affectionate farewell to a female Jed before dropping into Nazi-occupied France. The  Jedburgh teams organized and trained members of the French Resistance during World War II. National Archives photo

..and it still relevant in our view on terrorism today. Did you know that the first ever use of the word terrorist is used by the Germans about the British special forces? …and the British used tactics learnt from the IRA . Both technical and psychological. The spiral of ever increasing violence leading to atrocities.

I spent many, many years researching and writing this, so it’s dear to my heart. It all based on real events. some of which are heartbreaking.

So it’s going to be quite an experience hearing it come alive for the first time. Shame my Mum and Dad  (Mary and Mike)  can’t make it over there to hear it


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