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How to gain an extra days filming … sort of?

Posted by Phil On July - 6 - 2015

A very curious day(s) during the third day of our Toronto film shoot.  I awoke early (no curtains) and sat in my bed marking up the lined script and put together a rough test edit of some scenes


The day was good,  the  bedroom scene went well. (another ? )  and I ended up filming in the shower again.


Later on Melissa tried out my equipment. Looks like I wasn’t too impressed 🙂

Melissa and Phil IMG_2768 smaller

Then day 3 of filming in Toronto turned into day 3A, as we got back to the apartment at about 5 and fell asleep. Melissa on the couch (where I usually sleep) so I went for a nap on her bed and Paul who I thought was asleep who actually checking sound, came through to find us both asleep,  so went to sleep himself. 6 hours later,  Melissa woke to find it all dark. Woke us up. We had breakfast at Midnight. Then filmed through till 5am pausing for lunch at 3am. Now it’s 6:30 am, dawn again and we’re off to bed for the second time.

Dawn over Toronto as we go to sleep for the second time.


Netflix will be the no 1 US broadcaster in 2016

Posted by Phil On July - 1 - 2015


The subscription video-on-demand service Netflix is now the third biggest broadcaster in the U.S.  #filmmaking That’s according to data released today by online video advertising company Alphonso.   With Netflix’s current growth rate and its momentum, it will be the biggest broadcaster in the U.S. by next year.

The post has other bad news for traditional broadcasters: The audience for linear TV is down 15 percent year-over-year, which Alphonso calls the biggest decline ever in a single year for broadcast and pay TV.


Full details here