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Selected for Screenwriting Talent Campus

Posted by Phil On September - 23 - 2015

Gosh  ..I’ve been selected for the awesome London Screenwriters Festival Talent Campus,

“a 12 week programme with three London based sections and two distance ‘mentor’ led writing periods run in partnership with Creative Skillset.”


So I guess my other productions are on hold for the moment, as I’m going to be somewhat writing focussed for the next two months.


It’s going to be tutored by people like John Yorke, Stephen Follows, Philip Shelley, Kate Leys and Pilar Alessandra, so it’s scarily high level.


The other writers selected are amazingly good, so I’m not sure why they chose me.   But it’s going to be brilliant working with them.


GH4 with the new V-Log picture profile.

Posted by Phil On September - 15 - 2015


GH4 with add ons

V-Log profile tests graded with  VLog_to_V709_for_V35_ver100

There’s been huge excitement about the new V-Log picture profile amongst Panasonic’s GH4 owners.

V-Log  supposedly adds at least 2 more stops of DR to the GH4. Though it’s tricky to expose correctly though. If you expose it normally it produces heavy noise in the shadows. So after a little testing I’ve found that by exposing higher than you would expect. Right up until the highlights are nearly blown out.

Now the image looks overexposed,  but I can  adjust that in colour correction. Also when I bring down my exposure in grading, this  also crushed down the dark areas, where you get the noise.

So here’s my tests.