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GH4 with the new V-Log picture profile.

Posted by Phil On September - 15 - 2015


GH4 with add ons

V-Log profile tests graded with  VLog_to_V709_for_V35_ver100

There’s been huge excitement about the new V-Log picture profile amongst Panasonic’s GH4 owners.

V-Log  supposedly adds at least 2 more stops of DR to the GH4. Though it’s tricky to expose correctly though. If you expose it normally it produces heavy noise in the shadows. So after a little testing I’ve found that by exposing higher than you would expect. Right up until the highlights are nearly blown out.

Now the image looks overexposed,  but I can  adjust that in colour correction. Also when I bring down my exposure in grading, this  also crushed down the dark areas, where you get the noise.

So here’s my tests.




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