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Major new scheduling & budgeting additions to on line Celtx

Posted by Phil On November - 13 - 2013

Feature-rich budgeting and scheduling tools have been added to Celtx  Edge online workspaces, so you can now do :

– scriptwriting
– storyboarding
– breakdown
– shot list
– scheduling
– budgeting
– cast and crew reports

I’ve used Celtx for short films in preference to Movie Magic Scheduling as it is directly linked to the screenplay.  So script changes are immediately reflected in all the production documents. However the scheduling process has been very primitive and clunky up till now.
I’ve had to export to Excel and than back again.  But the new scheduling looks to be a great leap forward and if the integrated budgeting works it will be a godsend.
I’ll let you know how I get on with it.
My first attempt to use the scheduling strip board didn’t seem to work on a tablet. Scrolling started to move the strips around. But maybe it will work better on a laptop.

240+ Filmmaking Links, Tutorials & Knowledge (2013)

Posted by Phil On November - 9 - 2013

Production Managment: Celtx

Posted by Phil On November - 1 - 2010

I’ve used Celtx scriptwriting and production software for several years now and put over 20 short films through it.

Celtx is excellent and I have collaborated with crews working across the world.

However when it comes to scheduling it’s a disaster.

You have to be able to schedule so that you can balance actors, locations crew, equipment props etc. but there is no way of doing this in Celtx.

So I have had to to a very awkward work around which is to roughly schedule, then produce a one line schedule report copy and then paste in to Excel. Unfortunately the one line schedule is in 2 line format, so that is very difficult to extract into a one line excel spreadsheet.


Then having matched up the locations, actors etc to give us the most efficient shooting schedule I then have to copy it back into Celtx.

It’s real shame as the rest is very good