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How to cast for your film

Posted by Phil On March - 23 - 2017

I gave a talk on casting last year. So thought it might be of use to share it.  It's presently missing the videos links at the end.

..and several slides don't make a lot of sense without my commentary. But I'll see if I can add more info.  

Hope you find it useful. Any comments welcomed.


Impact 50 Award Winner

Posted by Phil On May - 20 - 2016


Got this email yesterday.  Congratulations to all the other winners… You guys rocks.   ..and so many of my friends.

"The quality of work submitted to the Impact50 initiative was outstanding, and you should rightly be proud of your script and of your achievement as a writer. We can’t wait to get the ball rolling on the filmmaking phase, and then – further down the line – to celebrate with you all."


This email came through just as we were pitching at Cannes and Melissa was saying her embarrassing bit about me being an award winning writer, when I checked my email and said .. "I've just won another award".  ..I just said it without thinking, but I thought afterwards ..That is soo show off.    Still that's what Cannes is about.  


72 hours listening to Rick Astley torture

Posted by Phil On October - 16 - 2015

A mate of mine is doing a bizarre fundraising event.

72 hours in a locked hotel room with Rick Astley on continuous loop. No talking, no books, no washing, no internet. So I’m providing & running the camera system for the live feed. We were live on BBC FiveLive earlier, Meridian TV tonight and Dutch TV
Here’s the link to the


Posted by Phil On November - 5 - 2013


101 Greatest Screenplays compiles the finest achievements in film writing, as voted upon by professional film and television writers.
In the summer of 2005, ballots were sent out asking WGA members to list up to ten of their favorite produced screenplays. Any film, past or present, English-language or otherwise, was eligible. The resulting list is like a travelogue of the greatest films of the century, with all decades from the 1930s on represented among the rankings.


Here’s the full list

 101 best Screenplays