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Posted by Phil On June - 3 - 2011

I originally trained a photographer, so have an in depth knowledge of composition and lighting. I’ve been shooting on film: Arriflex, Aarton etc and all types of video SD and HD. Recently though  I’ve specialised in DSLRs and  these take me back to my original roots as a photographer. I can now re-use the lenses I bought many, many years ago, which is wonderful.

I love lighting and I love creating a mood with light. But I can also light a location or studio very fast, as I can call on years of experience, as I find for most scenes I have lit something similar before.  Shooting fast is the best way to shoot low budget.  Even 10% faster is 10% off the budget.

As I also direct and edit I know what will cut together.

Here’s a trailer for a short film I lit and shot last year Mad Frank 3 day shoot with a technical crew of 2!  Oh by the way it’s a bit gory.  🙂

and the complete film here

So if you would like something lighter, here’s  Emily’s Dance which I wrote, directed, lit and edited.

Emily’s Dance from Phil Peel on Vimeo.

IMDB link

I recently directed a series of sequences for a Stage Play “One Step” written by Sasha Paul and directed by her sister Tara.

All shot on DSLR.

Filming at the rehabilitation centre here This has had over 4000 hits on Youtube.

…and a scene at the gym here This has over 3000 hits on Youtube.

..and filming a motorbike crash here and here