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I’ve used a lot of BlackMagic kit for some years now, they have some very interesting, innovative stuff.

They make lots of video adapters, convertors etc from SD to HD, SDI to HDSDI etc. etc.  and have moved into vision mixers.

But I didn’t expect their latest offering. It’s a 2.5K resolution, 13-stop dynamic range, RAW-shooting (or a range of compression formats), Thunderbolt-connected, built-in touchscreen LCD, SSD-recording camera with the new version of Resolve 9 color correction software… for under £2000. It’s large sensor but not full 35mm using a  S16 format instead.

s16 BlackMagic HD camera

Very interesting camera.  I remember telling a lecture theatre full of students, when Red first announced their camera.

A sunglass manufacturer …making a camera  …that’s ridiculous. …was their reaction.  What do they know about cameras? That what Arriflex, Sony  do.   It’ll never catch on.

That was slightly my  initial reaction when I heard about the Blackmagic camera.  But it actually makes a lot more sense for BlackMagic to move into camera production than a sunglass company.

I wonder whether it’ll catch on?


Here’s the link


Aaargh!   I just noticed …1/4 inch jacks not XLRs for audio input!!!    What are they thinking of!  It’s a camera not a guitar amplifier.


Black mark for BlackMagic.   🙁     shame..