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Lucy Hay  has has recently been championing my screenplay Phoebe Langtry, which is really good of her.

“Phil was one of my Pitch Me finalists with his screenplay, PHOEBE LANGTRY, the true story of a woman who is abandoned by her husband, yet builds a windmill back in 1812, when women were not allowed to own property. I loved the script and had no notes, so was happy to forward it to people I thought may also like it.”

So she’s sent it on to various producers, agents etc and BBC Films is also reading it.  As it seems to be on a bit of a roll I’ve created a Facebook page for Phoebe, where I’ll put up a lot of the research that I did in order to write it.

..and then quite separately I’ve been keeping people up to date on my John Lennon’s Turd comedy film, which is currently at the rather un-newsworthy  and boring edit stage.

I have  recently got rather fed up with the barrage of requests for  crowdfunding, Facebook  likes etc.  …and I didn’t want to add to the deluge, so I came up with the idea of listing 10 reasons why people shouldn’t like my John Lennon’s Turd Facebook page.

As a bit of fun I put it up on Lucy Hay’s blog. I poke fun at her in the list.  I hoped she would get the joke. ( Irony doesn’t always work well on the Net.)

.. and then was amazed when she loved it and reposted it on multiple blogs and websites. 

Here’s what she said……

I’ve been talking about bad use of social media recently re: constant lobbying for “Likes” etc … So when this popped up in one of my FB streams late Monday night, I was so impressed with such a deviation from the “norm”, I thought it deserved a wider audience. Over to you, Phil!

To read the rest,  here’s the link    Lucy’s Blog




Just heard from Karen. She says.. “Big, big thank you to all at Sarnia Shorts for selecting ‘Buon Giorno Sayonara’ as winner of ‘Best UK Entry’. Screening 7.30pm in the Winners Show this Saturday, 21st October. Our sixth award so far! Well done ‘Buon Giorno Sayonara’ posse.”

Film Festival Poster

New Trailer for No Apologies

Posted by Phil On May - 31 - 2012

My son Mike, who’s recently qualified as an FCP X  Advanced Trainer, has just sent me this trailer for his film “No Apologies”, which I lit and shot for him last summer. I’m pleased with the lighting, which wasn’t easy covering a five way conversation in a big blank hotel room.
It’s written by my good friend Ken Hammond. Not only did Mike produce, direct and edit, he also cooked and served the best food I’ve ever had on location. 🙂

Directed, Produced & Edited by Michael Peel
Written by Ken Hammond
Director of Photography- Phil Peel

Cast: Oleg Litvinov – Nicola McAdam – Tony Manders – Kristian Wightwick – Paul Barrand – Sarah Masters – Sean Pogmore

Crew: Paul Francis – Martyn Lowe – Paul Witcombe – Jude Peel

No Apologies IMDB page (

No Apologies Blog (

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.

Filming tonight at 60 Million Postcards in Bournemouth

Posted by Phil On September - 3 - 2011

I’m filming Momo:tempo’s Electro Pops Orchestra tonight at 60 Million Postcards …and early tomorrow as part of  Musicosity Music Festival and Bournemouth’s Arts By The Sea Festival

Timo Peach is a great character so it should be fun …but it doesn’t start till 11pm, so I hope I’m still sharp and lively. I’m filming with 2 cameras simultnaeously, so is quite tricky…  need to concentrate.



Here’s some previous filming with Momo ..or Timo Peach

Filmed at Champions