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Filming the Car Park argument: No Apologies

Posted by Phil On July - 14 - 2011

This was a scene about “Bob” (Paul Barrand) getting very frustrated with “Rose”  (Sarah Masters) who is an obsessively neat parker …if that makes sense.  Takes a long time parking. I thought of making some crass joke about women and parking …but have decided not to  Smile




We shot one of the master shots on a long lens to compress the action so the cars looked closer than they were.  I had to use several neutral density filters on to achieve the F stop I wanted. I’m using a Cokin filter holder and filters, which are considerably cheaper than the large 4 x 4 film filters. However to achieve the look Mike wanted I had to use every ND filter I had for one shot and we were beginning to get a fair amount of flare from all the glass surfaces.

Here’s the camera we used on the motorbike accident filming.  This time attached to the car.




Setting up to film through the windscreen. I used a polariser and for the shot we actually put a black Lastolite reflector over the top of the camera and windscreen to eliminate reflections. But we don’t have a photo of this as everyone spare was holding onto the Lastolite to stop it blowing away !




Here’s Mike and Paul posing,  whilst I’m trying to look like I know what I’m doing   Smile



It was actually all quite complicated, spending all day with the cars reversing back and forward. Not much chance for actors Paul and Sarah to employ many subtleties of character acting in the way they drove.  Incidentally we had 3 Pauls on set ..confusing.



Still we had had rain forecast, which as you can see from the photos ended up as quite the opposite. So we didn’t need to use all the umbrellas we had.  Smile

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.