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John Lennon’s Turd trailer out.

Posted by Phil On September - 15 - 2013

…and the film will be finished soon!   It  feels like I’ve been living in a cave for the last few weeks. I’ve been missing all the sunshine with the the windows blacked out. Normally it’s great to have a good view and sunlight streaming into the room, but not great for colour grading.



On the trailer I’ve used a track by John Bower from the Mooncats.  Thanks John

For the main film Francis Macdonald has completed the music. Been great working with him.  Check him out here and his music

Kenton Hall is finishing our end theme music

Now I’m onto Foley (adding specific sound effects) , so sunlight is OK.

But mmm..   It’s raining outside now.  🙁     Was there a summer?


…oh and my knees are really sore. As I edit standing up.  Up to 10 hours a day..



Filming with the GH3 on John Lennon’s Turd

Posted by Phil On June - 16 - 2013


We used a Panasonic Gh3 on my latest short – John Lennon’s Turd. with the GH2 as B camera.

How was the GH3? Well it a bigger, chunkier stronger camera. But I think  the main lesson to be learnt that using a new camera slows the filming. There are probably over 100 menu setting on the GH2 and I know them pretty much by heart. But the GH3 is subtly different . So we spend some time trying to find the right menus.

The extended battery plate is good. We never had to stop for changing batteries.

At the moment looking at the first edit, I can’t tell which was shot on which.

Moral: maybe best to stick to what you know on a shoot. Leave using new gear till a quieter time.

Here’s Drew setting the  camera.




Though you can get a HDSLR into awkward angles, focus pulling is tricky.

Focussing the Panasonic GH3



The Beatles White Album

Posted by Phil On June - 10 - 2013

My copy of the famous Beatles White Album. ..a numbered early …but not very white ..any longer… copy. This is a crucial element in the storyline of John Lennon’s Turd. My thinking is that there should be no copyright issues with a white cover. I also understand that there are no copyright issues with using the name of a band, but the lyrics are a different matter.  Apparently one author had to pay over £500 to use one line from “When I’m 64” in his book.

1-2013-06-10 14.15.34


It’s been fascinating looking through all my old LPs.  I have at least 400. I think some of them are quite rare. I’ve discovered I’ve got an early version of The Who sell Out with Poster which was a limited edition of only 500. So maybe I can sell it to help finance the film.  That would be nice.  🙂

More info on the film on our Facebook page

Record label created for John Lennon’s Turd

Posted by Phil On June - 9 - 2013

Record Label created for “John Lennon’s Turd” Title sequence

JLT record label Phil Peel Film Production