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Can exercise be bad for your health?

Posted by Phil On November - 7 - 2011

Now I’m not an exercise sort of person. The rest of the family are all brilliant at sport. Football, Basketball, Martial Arts, Surfing, Badminton etc., but unfortunately I’ve never been that inspired by sport. But a few weeks ago,  I’d been doing keep fit exercises.  I had installed an App on my smartphone called Multi Reps, which nags me to go through a sequence of push ups, press ups, squats, dips and pull ups. If I’m spending hours sitting at an edit suite, then it seems sensible.

I did this partially as I had been feeling a bit down. Exercise is supposed to make you feel happier. And also I had been inspired by the fitness of the boxers that I had been filming recently.

So whilst I waited for a video edit to render, I cleared away the equipment in the edit suite and  went through a half hour session.  

72 push ups, 35 sits ups, 40 squats, 38 dips,    .. In sequences .. Not all in one go ..there’s rests in between   …and then the pull ups. I had an exercise bar from Lidl, which I expanded into the doorway.  I was at the last of 20 pull ups.   So I thought I would do it really properly. I pulled right up to neck level, held it as long as I could  ….when the bar fell off!


I crashed back …falling onto some flight cases. My neck hit the top of a speaker, and my back on the sharp edges of two metal flight cases.   Ouch!   does not describe the noise I made.

But after I ceased yelling, I lay there and checked myself over. My first aid courses had taught me the perils of back injuries. I could still still move my toes and arms, so I was probably OK.


However it was agony to move. I couldn’t stand up or crawl to a phone. I was stuck.  So I decided to wait. Well it wasn’t a decision, as I couldn’t do anything else. 


After a very boring hour, Ruth returned. Lucky she wasn’t away for the day!  and I asked her to ring for an ambulance.   I thought you need to be careful with back injuries.


The paramedic arrived quickly, checked me over and said my spine was OK. He filled out this huge A3 form, which said I could stand up unaided. Well yes, but it took me 20 minutes.


A few days later it seemed to be getting worse, so I went to the doc, who reckoned I had bust a rib.

Nothing you can do about it just take lots of pain killers and wait ..weeks ..till it mends.


So she prescribed me a whole stack of painkillers. 20 a day.

…and you know what’s cured my depression!