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What can predict a film’s success?

Posted by Phil On January - 15 - 2014

Not what the film industry thinks,  according to Colin Brown’s article.  A fascinating view which compares sports and film production.. and even mentions the Executive Chairman of my local football club Southampton. (who ironically has just resigned)


50kisses premier promo pix

Colin says…. A costly obsession with conventional star performers has blinded both industries to what really makes teams tick. To borrow both baseball and cinema parlance, it all comes down to finding those players who can truly “produce”. say much the same about the film business.
But could it be that investors would see more immediate benefits by evaluating producers in the way they already score actors and directors? In sports, this would be akin to betting on the team’s management, as well as on the coach and players. Those who doubt the wisdom of that approach need only look at British soccer where one of this season’s over-performers, Southampton FC, owes that unexpected success as much to its highly focused executive chairman as it does to those he has hired to bolster the performances on the ball-field.

Here’s the link


btw 50Kisses premiere is on Feb 13th 2014

UK film production falls to lowest level since 2003

Posted by Phil On August - 2 - 2011

The number of films being made in Britain has fallen to the lowest level since at least 2003, with those that are being being made on strikingly lower budgets.

The figures appear in the British Film Institute’s yearbook, which in 200 pages of tables and trends tells a story that is best described as mixed.

The number of films made was down from 87 in 2009 to 79 in 2010. Total films made in Britain, including Hollywood productions and co-productions, fell from 150 to 128 last year.

There were 355 “non-mainstream” films released in 2010, making up 64% of the total number of theatrical releases. They grossed £66m but represented only 6.5% of total box office earnings.

The report also highlights trends, showing continuing fall in DVD rentals and the yet to really take off video on demand market.