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No Apologies The sex and strangling scene

Posted by Phil On July - 13 - 2011


First Jude needed to be apply the bruise. ..from earlier violent scene ..yet to be shot.

Bruise make up

Then the shot of the quick grope in the hall.

filming start of sex scene in the hallway filming start of sex scene in the hallway 2


This was lit with a couple of overhead poles, with battery lights. It makes it so much easier not to have to try to route cables along the ceiling

setting lighting for filming  of sex scene in the hallway


Then onto the sofa, where Chase played by  Nicola McAdam overpowers the reluctant Sebastian played by Kristian Wightwick.



This reminds me of the style of the well known shot from The apologies sofa scene


It got very silly during filming as Chase (Nicola) is supposed to throw her panties away ..and each time they bounced off the lampshade behind her.  So after we all collapsed in giggles, she repeatedly practiced until they fell as intended. Smile

pants again

and here’s Sebastian (Kristian) scared out of his wits.  …and he has every right to be as it gets worse.

sofa cont

sofa 3




You can see here the soft 150 watt fluorescent light behind with a black drape to cut down light spill.

These are great as it’s equivalent to about 500watts tungsten, but gives off virtually no heat.Sequence 1


But then it moves to the floor, where it gets  a bit violent.


attack on floorstrangle


..and it it’s  useful having Jude, whose a martial arts expert, to advise on safe strangulation.

but no actors were harmed in the scene Smile



By now it’s very late, so extra caffeine is required



and we still have the head slamming in the door shot.  We shot this in reverse. The actor reacts then pull the door away from the head.  Then reverse the sequence in post.  I reckon it would probably be difficult to actually kill someone by slamming in a door like this, but it looks nasty.


-18 -13


…and crunch!

head in door


thanks to Paul Francis and Paul Witcombe for the photos.

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.