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Live and on-demand Interactive Internet TV demo

Posted by Phil On August - 4 - 2011

I haven’t been able to talk about this until today,but for over a year I’ve been involved with Justin and his team at Fanfocus.TV, developing a unique platform for distributing live and on-demand Interactive Internet TV blended with social media functionality, viewed globally on Computers, TV, mobile telephones and Wii stations.

Today we showed the system off in a live trial  ..and it worked wonderfully ..even streaming to my Android Galaxy Tab on 3G phone link.



You can see the delay on screen here, as the signal goes up to the server and back again.


It was streaming to   There should be a repeat recording going up soon.


Very interesting bunch of people there today, including Anthony Willoughby

…who also founded the Cock-up Club.   He says…

The sole objective of the Cock Up Club is to bring together life’s enthusiasts who wish to
celebrate that much of their wisdom, knowledge and passion for life possibilities has evolved
from an endless series of monumental, unplanned and unexpected Cock Ups.

Cock Up Club members embrace Winston Churchill’s definition of success, namely
“Success is stumbling from one disaster to another while maintaining one’s