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New Trailer for No Apologies

Posted by Phil On May - 31 - 2012

My son Mike, who’s recently qualified as an FCP X  Advanced Trainer, has just sent me this trailer for his film “No Apologies”, which I lit and shot for him last summer. I’m pleased with the lighting, which wasn’t easy covering a five way conversation in a big blank hotel room.
It’s written by my good friend Ken Hammond. Not only did Mike produce, direct and edit, he also cooked and served the best food I’ve ever had on location. 🙂

Directed, Produced & Edited by Michael Peel
Written by Ken Hammond
Director of Photography- Phil Peel

Cast: Oleg Litvinov – Nicola McAdam – Tony Manders – Kristian Wightwick – Paul Barrand – Sarah Masters – Sean Pogmore

Crew: Paul Francis – Martyn Lowe – Paul Witcombe – Jude Peel

No Apologies IMDB page (

No Apologies Blog (

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.

How to make a half million hits YouTube video.

Posted by Phil On May - 31 - 2012

Now Everybody Stand In Line by L&O Featuring Valentine & Dretonio is now on ITunes, Amazon and HMV and the video has had probably 750,000 hits in its various different versions.

So it all started on a local football pitch and we ended up being interviewed by ITV News crew outside the Emirates Stadium and number one in the US dance charts.

Here’s a “behind the scenes doco” of the football, studio recordings, video shoot and news coverage of Now Everybody Stand In Line Football Anthem by L&O. + preview of new Ibiza mix.

Filmed in River Studios, Meadow Farm Studio and Liquid night club.
featuring producer/football manager Gary Louca, singers Dretonio, Valentine, Chris Todd and dance crew & sound engineer Olli Daddarn
Camera crew Mike Peel, Jude Peel and Robin Wheeler.
BUY the track and whole package of club hits NOW AT iTunes


The music video was all shot on a Panasonic GH2 with Pentax Super Takumar 1.7 lens and the Panasonic 14-140 zoom lens.

The making of video was mostly shot on a little Pansonic TZ7 camera.

No Apologies–the Police interview

Posted by Phil On August - 12 - 2011

I’m catching up on my blog, so this happened some weeks ago. This was filming the scenes for “No Apologies” at the therapist’s house in Bournemouth.  It was the day following the very late night filming at the flat in Southampton, so everyone was a bit tired. That’s my excuse for not writing this up earlier.

The original location fell through, so Chris kindly offered us the use of his beautiful house, which was  probably rather more luxurious than intended in the script.   It had the great advantage of having a very large living room, so we were able to use tracking. Phil Peel using tracking for filming No Apologies-8


Most of these scenes were  just two people in conversation. so we needed to get a bit of movement into the shots. Here’s  Paul doing a great job on sound.


Oleg doing a excellent  impression of looking like he knows how to play the harpsichord Smile



This is Tony Manders who was excellent as the detective. Just the right amount of gravitas.-7


…and Paul Witcombe as his assistant. Bit like Morse and Lewis  Smile


A bit of a problem was the that the room has large windows along two sides which faced south , so the sun was sun was shining full on them. As the curtains were deep red, they cast a pink glow over everything, which I  tried to counteract off, but still came out  in the final shots   P1020642

The pink glow shows up strongly in this shot

Mike and film scripts

Mike Peel sorting scripts


During the break for lunch, we pulled the curtains back and watched the Wimbledon’s men’s Final.

(I said this blog was written a bit late! )  P1020647

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.

Filming the Car Park argument: No Apologies

Posted by Phil On July - 14 - 2011

This was a scene about “Bob” (Paul Barrand) getting very frustrated with “Rose”  (Sarah Masters) who is an obsessively neat parker …if that makes sense.  Takes a long time parking. I thought of making some crass joke about women and parking …but have decided not to  Smile




We shot one of the master shots on a long lens to compress the action so the cars looked closer than they were.  I had to use several neutral density filters on to achieve the F stop I wanted. I’m using a Cokin filter holder and filters, which are considerably cheaper than the large 4 x 4 film filters. However to achieve the look Mike wanted I had to use every ND filter I had for one shot and we were beginning to get a fair amount of flare from all the glass surfaces.

Here’s the camera we used on the motorbike accident filming.  This time attached to the car.




Setting up to film through the windscreen. I used a polariser and for the shot we actually put a black Lastolite reflector over the top of the camera and windscreen to eliminate reflections. But we don’t have a photo of this as everyone spare was holding onto the Lastolite to stop it blowing away !




Here’s Mike and Paul posing,  whilst I’m trying to look like I know what I’m doing   Smile



It was actually all quite complicated, spending all day with the cars reversing back and forward. Not much chance for actors Paul and Sarah to employ many subtleties of character acting in the way they drove.  Incidentally we had 3 Pauls on set ..confusing.



Still we had had rain forecast, which as you can see from the photos ended up as quite the opposite. So we didn’t need to use all the umbrellas we had.  Smile

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.