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Filming the bike crash: this time with a bike(s)

Posted by Phil On March - 15 - 2011

Well a week later we met up again to film the biking accident. Last minute emails and texts flying around as the biker couldn’t make it, but then the day dawned and we had …3 bikes.


After all the jokes about London buses all coming at once, we did a quick rewrite to include all three.

So instead of our hero Matt coming out of the shop and eying the girls he now chats up the bikers.


Here’s me looking a bit stressed as we had a problem.  None of the bikers could fit into the leathers that we had filmed Lewis rolling along the road the week before and they had distinctive bright red patches.


Craig on the right here had a set of black and white leathers.




So we put our actor Lewis in the black and white leathers   …and  decided we would have to “fix it in post ! ”   So here’s Craig wearing the black and white leathers.


Filming the motorbike crash scene

Posted by Phil On March - 12 - 2011

It’s on again We’ve found our biker…or rather Sasha and Tara went to a biker’s convention jive night.

So the weather forecast is good so we’re all set for Monday.



filming on Monday