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Judging at TalentCall 2011

Posted by Phil On July - 20 - 2011

I did three days judging at O2 Opera House in Bournemouth.

Saturday night was the bands night.  I was judging with Suzy Wheeler and Jay Rachet



Some excellent bands ..and the result was very close, but the band going through to the final was Green Phoenix, two 14 year old girls on bass and drums and a 16 year old lad on guitar, who were amazing. The bassist was only just bigger than her guitar, yet they played a great set.




Video of Swan chasing Band

Posted by Phil On May - 5 - 2011

Here’s the video

Filming Music video -Captain- disrupted by swan!

Posted by Phil On May - 4 - 2011

Mike and I  shot a music video last week in Gareth Henderson’s magnificent River Studios, on a yacht at Hamble Marina, at Calshot and Lepe Beach.


The singer was Dretonio and he travelled down from Wales with his band, manager Schwarz and director Tyrone.

drentonio -7

So we started the day in River Studios.  I always believe in spending time getting the lighting to look good. though it wasn’t easy  hiding the lights


drentonio in River studios -1

Mike did a great job on the lighting considering the problems with the relatively small space, all the mirrors and me wanting to use moving camera shots.


Using the Panasonic GH2 DSLR gives the lovely shallow depth of field, so you can pull focus to isolate performers. As in  the next two shots.

drentonio -3

drentonio 4


Though the mirrors limit the camera angles ,they can give great shots.

drentonio 8 drentonio 10 drentonio 5


The next location was over at Hamble Marina. We managed to lose the band on the way. so by the time we all arrived we had lost an hour.

I had made a shoulder mounted rig for the GH2, which worked well. You can see it in this shot.



I tried out the camera on the on the boom.  Obviously the worry is if the camera should fall off the end of the boom, so I had a system to attach the camera strap to a point lower on the boom.


A problem is that there tends  to be quite a lot of vibration, with the weight on the end of a slim pole, so it’s not easy to keep it steady.  Mike’s bouncing in some light into the shadows.



But the shots worked well. This really created the impression that the boat was sailing.


Over to Calshot Castle to try to get some shots of Dretonio with yachts in the background. When I had recce’d this there were masses of yachts,  but today only a few and a long way away. So I had to use the amazing range extender of the GH2 which doubles the focal length without any drop in quality. 35mm equivalent of a 600mm lens !



Then as the Sun began to set, we moved onto Lepe beach, where there was a good view down the beach with the setting sun. If the clouds stayed away  … which they did!


I was very sceptical about having a drum kit on the beach. Not least that I thought it wouldn’t be good for the drums, but I was proved wrong. It provide some great shots


But then we attracted the attention of a swan, who decided to investigate and hilariously chased the band from the beach.



However as if you make up for interrupting the session ,the swan then beautifully swam into shot to provide a stunning final scene as Dretonio walks into the sunset.


Another music video to shoot

Posted by Phil On April - 5 - 2011

Met up with Suzy Wheeler and Tim Peach.

Interesting quirky music. It’ll be fun to create the visuals for it.  Just need to know which track.