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No Apologies Final Scene

Posted by Phil On August - 21 - 2011

This was a series of quite complicated scenes with five actors during a series of group therapy sessions.

Particularly difficult with the number of eyelines involved.

No apologies


We were filming at the Trouville Hotel who were really helpful to us. We set up the lighting the evening before.


I used a Chinese Lantern overhead with a 110 watt fluorescent bulb (equivalent to about 500 watts tungsten)with black wrap to take the light off the top of the wall. I rigged a second lantern in case I needed more light. It would save us having to stop filming and clamber up. In the event we didn’t need it, but it’s worth being prepared. As it was nighttime, I couldn’t tell how much light was going to come in the windows.


Here’s Jude checking Nicola’s bruise on the continuity photo.


So the crew was Mike, Jude and myself image

Here’s Paul Francis and Martyn Lowe. Paul Witcombe doesn’t seem to appear as he is taking the photos

P1020933 image

As there were several long scenes, Mike decided to shoot them in different styles. So we had  tracking shots P1020925

Static shots…



..and Steadicam style. We used a U-FlyCam which is similar to the Merlin Steadicam, but cheaper. The GH2 is very light which makes it considerably less tiring to use




The room was very spotty   🙂  but I think the monochrome makes it look worse than it wasimage


It was a long day, but went well






Here’s some links to how we filmed it.

No Apologies–the Police interview

Posted by Phil On August - 12 - 2011

I’m catching up on my blog, so this happened some weeks ago. This was filming the scenes for “No Apologies” at the therapist’s house in Bournemouth.  It was the day following the very late night filming at the flat in Southampton, so everyone was a bit tired. That’s my excuse for not writing this up earlier.

The original location fell through, so Chris kindly offered us the use of his beautiful house, which was  probably rather more luxurious than intended in the script.   It had the great advantage of having a very large living room, so we were able to use tracking. Phil Peel using tracking for filming No Apologies-8


Most of these scenes were  just two people in conversation. so we needed to get a bit of movement into the shots. Here’s  Paul doing a great job on sound.


Oleg doing a excellent  impression of looking like he knows how to play the harpsichord Smile



This is Tony Manders who was excellent as the detective. Just the right amount of gravitas.-7


…and Paul Witcombe as his assistant. Bit like Morse and Lewis  Smile


A bit of a problem was the that the room has large windows along two sides which faced south , so the sun was sun was shining full on them. As the curtains were deep red, they cast a pink glow over everything, which I  tried to counteract off, but still came out  in the final shots   P1020642

The pink glow shows up strongly in this shot

Mike and film scripts

Mike Peel sorting scripts


During the break for lunch, we pulled the curtains back and watched the Wimbledon’s men’s Final.

(I said this blog was written a bit late! )  P1020647

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.

No Apologies : filming the other sex scene: 4 in a bath

Posted by Phil On July - 17 - 2011


Yes! the whole camera crew, sound and director all in the bath.  ( well actually I only have one leg in the bath)  Paul is focus pulling. I’m using a 50 mm 1.8 prime lens, which only gave about an inch of sharp focus. We were doing a shot from the actress to her reflection in the the mirror.  ..and we still have another actor to get in the room !


This was the other scene in which “Chase” our sex obsessed character has a one night fling.  In which she gets the bruise filmed earlier.


Here’s Mike (director) rehearsing Nicola and Sean.



Whilst I set up the lighting in the hall..  even less space than the previous hall shoot…..



…Nicola and Sean made a totally separate quick film …a quickie ??  with Ken and Paul



…Don’t ask    …I think it was for an online audition piece??


Anyway ..back to the main filming


Nicola had to repeatedly throw herself at the wall to simulate how she got the bruise


She achieved this all safe and fine, until the very last shot when she wasn’t even in frame ..only her legs, when she managed to accidentally actually hit the wall quite hard.



Here’s Paul Witcombe and Paul Francis back in the bathroom. On the right Paul is using the Zoom H4n digital sound recorder. Paul on the left is using a cardiod mike, not a rifle mike, as a cardiod is better for use inside.



Here’s “Joe” (Sean Pogmore), laid out in the bathroom having been sick in the sink.   .. which is why “Chase” who was looking for a a sexy night, gets fed up with him and tries to leave, but ends up colliding with the  wall.   ..gripping stuff !!


Note the little eyelight down at the bottom.



..and here’s Ken, the writer,  as a stand in, blocking through the shot of Joe, who very drunk heading for the bathroom to be sick.    Great acting Ken!!   Smile


Here’s some links to how we filmed it.

No Apologies The sex and strangling scene

Posted by Phil On July - 13 - 2011


First Jude needed to be apply the bruise. ..from earlier violent scene ..yet to be shot.

Bruise make up

Then the shot of the quick grope in the hall.

filming start of sex scene in the hallway filming start of sex scene in the hallway 2


This was lit with a couple of overhead poles, with battery lights. It makes it so much easier not to have to try to route cables along the ceiling

setting lighting for filming  of sex scene in the hallway


Then onto the sofa, where Chase played by  Nicola McAdam overpowers the reluctant Sebastian played by Kristian Wightwick.



This reminds me of the style of the well known shot from The apologies sofa scene


It got very silly during filming as Chase (Nicola) is supposed to throw her panties away ..and each time they bounced off the lampshade behind her.  So after we all collapsed in giggles, she repeatedly practiced until they fell as intended. Smile

pants again

and here’s Sebastian (Kristian) scared out of his wits.  …and he has every right to be as it gets worse.

sofa cont

sofa 3




You can see here the soft 150 watt fluorescent light behind with a black drape to cut down light spill.

These are great as it’s equivalent to about 500watts tungsten, but gives off virtually no heat.Sequence 1


But then it moves to the floor, where it gets  a bit violent.


attack on floorstrangle


..and it it’s  useful having Jude, whose a martial arts expert, to advise on safe strangulation.

but no actors were harmed in the scene Smile



By now it’s very late, so extra caffeine is required



and we still have the head slamming in the door shot.  We shot this in reverse. The actor reacts then pull the door away from the head.  Then reverse the sequence in post.  I reckon it would probably be difficult to actually kill someone by slamming in a door like this, but it looks nasty.


-18 -13


…and crunch!

head in door


thanks to Paul Francis and Paul Witcombe for the photos.

Here’s some links to how we filmed it.


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