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No Apologies Final Scene

Posted by Phil On August - 21 - 2011

This was a series of quite complicated scenes with five actors during a series of group therapy sessions.

Particularly difficult with the number of eyelines involved.

No apologies


We were filming at the Trouville Hotel who were really helpful to us. We set up the lighting the evening before.


I used a Chinese Lantern overhead with a 110 watt fluorescent bulb (equivalent to about 500 watts tungsten)with black wrap to take the light off the top of the wall. I rigged a second lantern in case I needed more light. It would save us having to stop filming and clamber up. In the event we didn’t need it, but it’s worth being prepared. As it was nighttime, I couldn’t tell how much light was going to come in the windows.


Here’s Jude checking Nicola’s bruise on the continuity photo.


So the crew was Mike, Jude and myself image

Here’s Paul Francis and Martyn Lowe. Paul Witcombe doesn’t seem to appear as he is taking the photos

P1020933 image

As there were several long scenes, Mike decided to shoot them in different styles. So we had  tracking shots P1020925

Static shots…



..and Steadicam style. We used a U-FlyCam which is similar to the Merlin Steadicam, but cheaper. The GH2 is very light which makes it considerably less tiring to use




The room was very spotty   🙂  but I think the monochrome makes it look worse than it wasimage


It was a long day, but went well






Here’s some links to how we filmed it.