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Welcome to my blog. I'm an award winning director/producer who also lights, writes and teaches.   + live multicamera directing.

In a previous existence, I was a BBC TV director, then Course Leader BA Film Production at AUB, I've  produced, directed or shot over 50 shorts and the films have screened at festivals worldwide.   I completed  a MA Screenwriting  at Bournemouth Uni. and was selected for EIFF Talent Lab 2013.

I've written a load of  shorts and a number of feature screenplays including Phoebe Langtry, a period drama about the woman, who in 1813, built the only surviving working windmill in Hampshire; Best Of Intentions, a World War II romantic action movie and Jack’s Back, a supernatural suspense horror about the return of Jack the Ripper during a theatre performance. (Currently optioned for 2016 production.)

Currently got three shorts out on the festival circuit, am editing another 20 min short filmed in Toronto in July and developing a couple of micro budget features, based on locations and facilities I have access to.

Here's some links to my  Directing, Lighting & Camerawork , ProducingWriting, Corporate, Live Multicamera Directing, Music Videos

I'm on or give me a ring on 07973 753 777

LINK to some of my credits and films

My  drama showreel is here –   ( I really MUST update it.)

So here's some more recent stuff.  I can't show you any of my recent corporate work unfortunately. It's confidential.

Director/Producer/Camera/Editor & Music  for "Liaison"  Official Selection for 2015 Toronto ReelheART International FilmFestival

Director/Producer/Camera/Editor of "Love" (2013) (short) awarded "Best Film" at Southampton Film Week;  Guerilla Film Award & Winning Film team Production Award. 50Kisses Premiere;  Official selection for Edinburgh Short Film Festival  ; Official selection New York Bootleg Film Festival.  also screened at Rhode Island International Film Festival and London Independent Film Festival

"This is a devastatingly brilliant piece of storytelling, masterfully handled, and the feedback from the Bootleg team was unanimous – audiences need to see this film. "


Writer/producer/director, DP  & editor.  Comedy short John Lennon's Turd. (2013)  . Award for "Best Short Film"  Toronto ReelheART International Film Festival, Selected for Glastonbury Festival Short Film Festival 2015

"I really like it. It’s got a lovely, funny but downbeat tone and atmosphere. Good script, very well directed, with great performances. Excellent."

Paul Bassett Davies    – Creative Director at London Comedy Writers Festival

Writer :  Thriller feature script "Jack's Back"   optioned for 2015 production by Our Lot Studios.

Writer : WWII Romantic Action Feature Screenplay  "Best of Intentions " Top 3 Finalist Toronto ReelheART  International Film Festival 2015.

Director of Photography 'Don't' (2013) (short) Official Selection of New York City International Film Festival

Producer and Director of Photography of:

–   Buon Giorno Sayonara (2010) (short). (exec. prod.) 33 International Film Festivals including "Best Comedy Award" Hyart Film Festival in Wyoming. Nominated for  three awards : Best International/Foreign Language Film, Best Direction (Karen Hope) , and Best Performance (Thomas Kadman) at Thurrock International Film Festival.  Awards for Best International Film, Best Director and Best In Show.
–   Bull amongst the Feathers (2008) (short) Rome International Film Festival
–   Legs 11. (2009) (short) Toronto & Florida International Film Festival
–   Shadows (2009) (short) Dubai International Film Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival

–  Zombie Radio (2010) Boston Sci-Fi Festival

–   In My Shoes (2010) (short) Fastnet Film Festival


Taking back control of our borders.

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I remember when we had “control” of our borders.

As I have been film making for a lo-o-ong time, I can remember what it was like to make films in Europe before we were part of the European Community. That wonderful time  ..when we had control of our borders.

So In 1972, I was the sound recordist for Southampton University Teaching Media Centre’s film unit. Incidentally apart from me it was all female.  But I digress.

So we were tasked with making a documentary about the French Elections and had to travel over to Le Havre from Southampton. (You could travel direct from Southampton back then.)

We were going to film over two weekends, as French elections take place twice .. a fortnight apart.

So we were working quite lightweight  and could carry all our film gear. 16mm film Arri camera, Nagra sound recorder, tripod and redheads

But to take film equipment into France required a Carnet (temporary import certificate) This we had to get from the Southampton Chamber of Commerce, some weeks in advance.

So we arrived in Le Havre on the Thursday evening. The equipment was all checked thoroughly by customs, all the serial numbers on the all the forms checked out, which only took an hour. We filmed all through until Sunday night.  Interestingly being tailed by the French DGSI (security police), as we were guests of the “Communist” mayor. They all looked and dressed like Peter Sellers in the PInk Panther. Difficult to take them seriously…but I digress.

So we left on the Sunday evening. Again had to allow a couple of hours to go back through French customs.  Then through British customs who still wanted to see the kit, but didn’t thankfully go through each serial number of each lens.

Two weeks later we arrived at Le Havre .. to hit a big problem. Somehow we hadn’t got the right stamp when we had left. So they said we could re-import the kit the paperwork showed that we hadn’t left France.

They agreed that we clearly had. But the paperwork had to be right. This proved to be a real problem, so they left us for several hours in an empty increasingly cold customs area, whilst they tried to solve the problem. The people expecting us had no idea what had happened to us, assumed we had missed the boat and went away. (No mobile phones then)

Eventually the French officials came up with a solution. Which was breaking the rules, but they wanted to go home. So they escorted us across the dock, over to the outgoing custom area and allowed us to leave France – importantly getting the correct stamps on the carnets. So then they escorted us back over to the incoming side. Stamped our forms, and smilingly welcomed us to France and hoped we would have a good stay.  Oh by the way all of this was in French. I believe they could speak English, but chose not to understand it.

So we arrived outside the port, in the early hours of the morning. With no taxis. I can’t remember how we got into town.  ..walked?

So we filmed all weekend. Fast moving, extraordinary behind the scenes of the election. My Nagra failed, but I worked overnight, disassembled it on my bed, managed to locate the board with the fault and resoldered the dry joint,  but anyway I digress.

So we got back to the ferry terminal. Went over to say goodbye to our secret police followers, who tried to pretend they were just passers by. Through customs, we were used to the process now, as they unpacked all our gear and checked the serial numbers. All went smoothly and back in Southampton  British customs read all the forms, but didn’t bother to unpack our equipment.

A year later I went back to do more filming. In the meantime the UK had joined the European Community.

So we took packed our equipment, walked through the ferry terminal, filmed and came back. No forms , no customs, no delays.


and here's three additional scenes

So our short Late Request has just had official selection for a festival a bit closer to home .. Chelmsford Film Festival.  

…and over in Canada again our friends the Toronto Reelheart International Film Festival are screening it in July.

How to cast for your film

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I gave a talk on casting last year. So thought it might be of use to share it.  It's presently missing the videos links at the end.

..and several slides don't make a lot of sense without my commentary. But I'll see if I can add more info.  

Hope you find it useful. Any comments welcomed.