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4 hours in Starbucks, planning next film

Posted by Phil On October - 26 - 2010

I never realised that you could spend so long in a cafe in the UK without being hassled.  I know that in “Friends” they all just sat around and talked, but I didn’t think you could do that in real life in England.

Now France is different. They have a very relaxed approach to  cafe culture.  But I didn’t think that would happen here in Southampton.

But I’ve just spent 4 hours in Starbucks, with the occasional coffee, pastry etc.  and the staff seemed totally OK that we were covering our table with scripts, files and viewing my films on my laptop.   they wouldn’t have made much profit out of us …but I will be going back.

So …a new experience.

Anyway the upshot was a decision to make a new short , probably shooting in the next couple of months … and to start  pitching  the feature “Phoebe” again.

4 hours in Starbucks, many coffees

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