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Production Managment: Celtx

Posted by Phil On November - 1 - 2010

I’ve used Celtx scriptwriting and production software for several years now and put over 20 short films through it.

Celtx is excellent and I have collaborated with crews working across the world.

However when it comes to scheduling it’s a disaster.

You have to be able to schedule so that you can balance actors, locations crew, equipment props etc. but there is no way of doing this in Celtx.

So I have had to to a very awkward work around which is to roughly schedule, then produce a one line schedule report copy and then paste in to Excel. Unfortunately the one line schedule is in 2 line format, so that is very difficult to extract into a one line excel spreadsheet.


Then having matched up the locations, actors etc to give us the most efficient shooting schedule I then have to copy it back into Celtx.

It’s real shame as the rest is very good

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