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Panasonic AF-100 in use by Eduardo Fierro

Posted by Phil On January - 17 - 2011

From: Eduardo Fierro <>
Date: 16 January 2011 09:28

Hello Adam I agree with your point of view.I got the time to play this
night,wellVery nice image out of the box, nice DOF, Very light, Would
be a problem to put a master prime on it :s  the lens is 3 times
heavier then the camera.Has a shift when pulling focus on the nikon
adapter, some banding  and even more noticeable when a color correct
some of the footage in After effects.Overral is going to have a place
over a canon 7d or 5d as doesn’t have the jigger image from the
canons.very little rolling shutter problem the vertical they don’t go
that crazy. not bad at all.on Tuesday i will do more test with under
and over expose, grain test, comparing sd vs kipro422 via SDI.
good night
Edu FierroMiami Fl.
Eduardo Fierro

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