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I’m running a session at the Southern Script Festival

Posted by Phil On February - 10 - 2011

I’ve been asked to run a session for the Southern Script Festival. So I’m going to show how to go about writing scripts that can be filmed for nothing  (well ..almost)

In all I’ve produced about 40 films over the last 5 years.  These have mostly been as part of the many short film making courses I’ve led for the Bournemouth Screen Academy and The Arts University at Bournemouth.

Now these films have usually been on a very limited budget, but it wasn’t a question of  whether we could make the films.

It was …we are making the films … we will do it    ….as there is going to be an audience waiting to view them at the end of the course.

So how do I go about guaranteeing that the film is made.  On time. ..on budget   and still be good enough to show internationally.

…and the answer is …..It’s all in the script

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