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Filming in the Amputee Centre

Posted by Phil On March - 16 - 2011

I’m not sure if that’s the correct title, but it’s in the hospital in Portsmouth.

It was the usual rush to get done, with quality conflicting with the closing time.

But the guy who helped us, (whose name I forget but will add to this) was brilliant. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to  film all the amazing work they do creating the artificial limbs.


Portsmouth filming-1


We were recreating Sean’s progress through learning to walk again.


First the leg fitting. See all the leg moulds on the wall. Looking like giant fungi.


then learning to walk again



Using a little mini dolly. Nice smooth floor for this




Focussing is tricky with a DSLR. That lovely narrow cinema like depth of field isn’t easy to keep correct walking backwards. Mike did great job as focus puller.  It was some time before I understood that Sean cannot walk forwards slowly. It’s not possible with an artificial leg.



So we roped in Sasha to do the sound recording.

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