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First day at the Edinburgh Film Festival

Posted by Phil On June - 17 - 2011

An eventful long first day at the Edinburgh Film Festival. It didn’t help though having stayed up till 2am on the Thursday night and the early morning deliveries in The Royal Mile. …oh did I not mention I’m staying in the Royal Mile 🙂 anyway the noise and the sun woke me at 6 am. 🙁   uggh!

So a dash down to the delegates centre to register followed by a quick breakfast in style on the Royal Mile.  See my other post and a dash to see Borrowers Arrietti.

Then onto The Film House to see a disturbing documentary   Project Nim

Then lunch in a really posh with my old friend Ilona Morrison, who invited me to a lunch with Ryan Redford, the director of  Oliver Sherman.

I was introduced to Eddie Dick and Leslie Hills.  Both film producers of repute. But Ilona and I had not met for 25 years,  so we had much catching up to do and I never got aorund to mentioning my film scripts to Eddie and Leslie.  In particular Leslie seemed busy arranging multiple meetings.    It was only afterwards that I found out that she was chair of the Film Festival!   Still I have managed to book up a meeting with an Executive Producer from Ecosse Films, who have a good track record of producing WWII and Jane Austen period dramas, which I have 2 scripts written about that’s hopeful.

Ryan was a gentle Canadian who looked much younger than his 33 years. It’s his birthday today, but after a long flight across the Atlantic via another French festival, he was looking pretty shattered and jet lagged.  ….and he was facing a long afternoon of interviews. I asked him how the pressure of the festival circuit compared with the pressures of filmmaking. He said that it was OK as other people did all the organising.  We tried to work out what time is was in his home town, but the maths defeated us.

By now I was feeling as tired as Ryan looked so I went back to the flat to crash out for an hour. Unfortunately Ryan wasn’t able to do the same. which had unforeseen  consequences.


Anyway after I woke up  I went along with Hugh Morrison to see Oliver Sherman which was beautifully directed but emotionally gruelling.

At the Q & A at the end It was explained that Ryan was too jet lagged to appear.  It must be really frustrating for him to fly all this way and then be too tired to attend the UK premiere.  Luckily there’s another show on Saturday.


Afterwards we all   trooped along to the after films meal and had  another posh meal.  A very different eating out experience to breakfast in the Royal Mile.

Here’s Hugh demonstrating the art of savouring wine to Festival Director James Mullighan. BEWARE! 🙂








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