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Here’s an interesting post from EOSHD comparing the New Canon with the GH2

Turns out, the GH2 has one unsuspecting video feature that beats out the current standard of DSLR videography, the Canon 5D Mark II, not to mention its recently reviewed successor, the 5D Mark III. Amazingly, the GH2 cranks out video with detail and sharpness clearly superior to either of the 5Ds. The results are visible in the test video, conducted by EOSHD, along with a detailed analysis.


“here is a summary: the GH2 produces a more pleasing image with far superior resolution and a more organic grain structure. Dynamic range is similar on each out of the box but you can gain a little more back on the 5D Mark III in post if you shoot flat with CineStyle or Flaat.”

“Overall the GH2 looks more like a digital form of Super 16mm with a fine grain and detailed image. It is also punchy and contrasty. With fast glass it has more of a dreamy Super 35mm look. The GH2′s sensor size is after all very close to motion picture Super 35mm, if not photographic 35mm. I am big on a fine grain of noise. Too clean and you get a plastic look, too blotchy at high ISOs and you get a very soft image. The noise grain on the GH2 is unusual for an H.264 based codec in that the high bitrates with the hack maintain a very fine grain structure like the broadcast MPEG codec on the Canon C300. The 5D Mark III is the opposite – a blotchy noise pattern and even a fizz at lower ISOs which is generated by the codec.”

“In terms of large differences to the GH2 the 5D Mark III has the advantage of full frame sensor size only.”

So is Canon DSLR video dead?

For a lot of people it is going to be and I suspect Canon want it to be that way, so you buy their pro video offerings.





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