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After Edinburgh Film Festival back to reality

Posted by Phil On June - 28 - 2012

I  flew back yesterday from the buzz of the festival, excited by all the great feedback on my “Jack’s back” screenplay. “Original”, “Extremely well written”, “edge of seat”, “a page turner”, “great sense of foreboding etc.”

But I now have to sit down and work through all the highly detailed advice, corrections etc.  (or rather not sit down, as I’m still writing standing up)

Thank you Ken, Graham and Damien for your excellent advice. + Rachael, Karen, Keith and Michael for your encouragement.

Edinburgh film festival group photo Screenwriters

EIFF 2012 Screenwriters Group: Karen, Rachel, Ken, Keith, Damien, Me, Graham

You all prefaced your comments with ” But of course you don’t have to do what I say, It’s only my opinion.etc ”  So I now have to decide:

    • how much to take the advice (i.e  others are wiser.  I shouldn’t be so proud that I can’t admit when I’ve got it  wrong
    • Or  stick with what I intended (Heed the inner voice of the artist. Be true to yourself. blah blah etc.)

One good approach is to to work on those aspects of the script  that all the readers highlighted as being dodgy.  Which is why it is so useful to have multiple readers.  So I’ll start with that.

…and stop procrastinating by writing this blog.


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