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Camera Work’s new Shot Designer app

Posted by Phil On October - 23 - 2012

Per Holmes from Hollywood Camera Work, got in touch to tell me about a new app for camera-blocking. It’s called Shot Designer  and is available for  Iphone, Ipad, Android, PC and Mac and on a quick look seems to be really good. On Android it’s very intuitive to use. Good  interface for drawing, plotting and animating what you need to shoot a scene.

Here’s my first go at it.  This took me only a few minutes to do.

Shot designer

Great fun to use!  Though on  a first go  I think it’s actually easier on the app version than the desktop. No keyboard shortcuts.

There’s a built in Directors viewfinder and shot list. At the moment the different versions don’t sync up, but Per tells me Dropbox integration is coming soon.

A single-scene-at-a-time release is available for free  and the Pro version with extra goodies  is only $20.

here’s the link


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