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Filming a simple music video in the studio.

Posted by Phil On April - 1 - 2013

We filmed a studio session last week with Steve Wood to promote his Michael Buble act, which he’s taking to the Greek Islands this week (lucky him, it’s a lot warmer there)


..and it was nice to be working indoors for a change. We shot four numbers in 6 hours. ..but we spent 2 hours of that rigging the jib and lights. In the end we only used three songs in the final edit.


In this sort of video, it’s not selling the music or the track, so I believe there’s no need to have any sort of story line or exotic location shots. It’s designed to sell the performer show their personality and performance skills.

Here’s the video.



I think if you don’t have a big budget, then less is more effective, so we filmed in a blacked out studio with strongly dramatic backlighting.

03-Steve Humprey-6

Roy Perkins shot with his GH2 as second camera, Jude was rigger and lighting and Rachel Stephens was production assistant. ..and photographer.


She got some good shots as we worked.


Steve was really pleased with the results and he’s off with the results to Rhodes in two days time. …lucky him. 🙂

Technical stuff:   more details here 

We used a simple set up with three lights and Jude handholding the fill light. We were using a 12 foot jib and found that we got shadows on Steve’s face with a fixed fill light, so Jude dodged around the jib with a battery LED light.


I shot on my Panasonic GH2. I had concerns about having to use autofocus on the jib, but the focusing of 14 -140 lens worked perfectly.  You have to use autofocus on a jib, unless you have full remote focussing.

In addition to the Panasonic zoom I also used my Pentax 50 mm 1.8,  and my new SLR Magic 12mm 1.6 lens and the Lumix 14mm 2.8 when I did a few Steadicam shots.


I was surprised that the 14mm Lumix produced an annoying strange intense green flare spot when shooting into the lights,  but I  took the green out of it in FCPX.

I used some fairly extreme grades in the FCPX colour grading as I wanted to go for the dramatic look.

07-Steve Humprey-9 01-Steve Humprey-9a


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